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OpenSocial Bounty Winner from Srijan is All Set for DrupalCon Amsterdam 😃

Posted by Akshita Rawat on Aug 23, 2019 6:12:00 PM

In June, OpenSocial launched one of its kind contest inviting developers from Drupal community to contribute and win a free ticket and flight to DrupalCon Amsterdam. Jyoti Singh, Sr. Drupal Developer, won the bounty and is all ready to visit the city of canals. ✨

A regular contributor at Srijan local code sprints, elated Jyoti says, “I am very excited right now but honestly wasn’t expecting anything when I participated. I did this because I love contributing and what better opportunity than getting DrupalCon sponsored in return”.

DrupalCon is an international conference where the Drupal community joins together for a full week dedicated to sharing and growing Drupal skills. DrupalCon Amsterdam happens from 28 - 31 October 2019.

a red and blue card with a image of a girl on right and text on left

What was the Contest?

The contest required participants to:

  • Visit the bounty issue queue
  • For each issue credit on an issue marked with the 'OSBounty- DrupalConEU2019' label, participants would receive an entry ticket for the lottery. Only Open Social maintainers can add this label.
  • Once done, participants would be automatically added to the lottery for tickets to DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019.

Excited for Contributions at DrupalCon

A regular at DrupalCons, Jyoti looks forward to the code sprints and contribution days “I remember in Vienna (2017), there were areas dedicated to distributions and issues. This is a really good opportunity to meet the core distribution and module maintainers and many such important people in the community. Meeting them is inspiring, where you know about the road map of such distributions and plan ahead what you can deliver to your client. Afterparty is another place to enjoy and network.”

OpenSocial provides social business software to build and manage community strategies effectively while keeping your community safe and secure. One of its kind bounties, it is a great initiative by them, encouraging developers to contribute to opensource and make it better.

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Revisiting DrupalCamp London 2019

Posted by Rajat Lal on Apr 22, 2019 5:12:00 PM

Change is in the air!

In more ways than one, our world is in the throes of change. We live in an era where politics and governance, economy and international relations as also business and technology are all careening through an edge-of-the-seat roller coaster ride, from one ‘cutting edge’ to another.

Ideas, values, systems, processes, frameworks - what held good yesterday is today up in the air. We see this in our lives - professional and personal. We seek the new constantly, be it a new Mar-Tech platform every few months for our businesses, or a new Soc-Med channel to post our holiday pictures on, discarding the one that was ‘trusted’ till yesterday.

Not surprisingly, this affects both organizations and individuals - the changes in our experience of institutional frameworks, business models, corporate ethics, interpersonal relationships, the way we shop, eat, dress, travel, even our experiences of climate change.

The bit about climate change brings me to my own experience within a year, at two successive DrupalCamp events. The first weekend of March 2018 caught me in the middle of the ‘Beast from the East’ cold snap at City University, the traditional venue for DC London.

winter-of-londonTrudging from Angel tube station down a snow-laden Goswell Road to the venue, in the lowest temperatures I have ever experienced in London.

In contrast, London saw unseasonal, unusually warm weather during DrupalCamp 2019. The weather was almost tending to summer-hood, the very same week exactly a year on. The odd tree on Goswell Road, standing like a leafless sentinel in front of a corner townhouse, provided an isolated reminder that it was officially still winter.

Almost like climate change in reverse. Talking of change, the biggest change facing UK and Europe today is Brexit… and so a passing thought - is a ‘Brexit in reverse’ still possible...?

Growth, Leadership, Diversity   Superpowers

drupal-camp-londonDrupalCamps are largely meant to be developer-centric affairs… but the DC London CXO Day goes the extra mile to make it relevant to business owners, managers, and of course CXOs.

We can leave the topic of Brexit for another day, but wasn’t it all about the absence of growth, of leadership, and about rejecting diversity? This year’s CXO Day went on to address precisely this - how growth, leadership and diversity can equip us with superpowers... to deal with ‘change’.

Three very lively and insightful presentations

  1. Prof. Costas Andriopoulos’ (CASS Business School) talk on ‘Leadership and innovation in scaling enterprises’ - dwelt upon the challenges of size.

    • initial success breeds complacency and arrogance
    • an ageing leadership is unable to embrace technology shifts
    • bureaucracy and set structures tend to be risk-averse

      Creativity and innovation are the victims of this inability to change, in the face of change.

      The professor emphasized that change can be harnessed via ‘breakthrough innovation’ -

      • empower people to break rules - those at the fringes bring in outside perspective
      • enable ‘project labs’ - to foster innovation initiatives
      • encourage ambidexterity - simultaneously exploit current competencies and explore new domains
  2. Michel Van Velde (Director, One Shoe) - gave a contemporary and germane take on modern psychology to effectively lead and bring about change - 'Radically Candid'.
    group of people sitting on a desk and talking on mic
    Drawing from the concepts of Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis, and Thomas Antony Harris’ book ‘I’m Ok, You’re Ok’, Michel explained beautifully how the Drama Triangle traps us into responding in set ways to situations.                                                                                                                                                            This, in turn, prompts others to be unyielding in their stance, and the interaction hits a cul-de-sac. The conflicting parties are trapped in the rigidity of their responses, rendering any resolution impossible. 

    Recognizing we are trapped in the Drama Triangle opens up our minds to deviating from our set position, enabling others to react differently, and Change becomes possible.
  3. Melissa Van Der Hecht (CTO, Mulesoft) - ‘We all have Superpowers’ gave a hugely engaging talk on why we need to be more open about diversity in technology. 

    A woman standing and speaking. Text written in backgroundShe shared insights on how we tend to think of ‘diversity’ in very uni-dimensional ways - gender for example - but it actually covers several aspects. Age, background, education, experience, race, nationality, disability are all elements of diversity - but it's what makes one stand out ahead that counts. 

    Melissa illustrated how diversity is a key driver to innovation and change - and cited studies and statistics to show -
    • companies with more diverse teams report ~19% higher revenues
    • why diversity - better culture, higher performance, better customer engagement
    • coaching employees to harness their strengths encourages inclusion 

The Content Experience  Focus, Responsiveness, Security

Some very interesting and instructive developer sessions over the next two days that showcased how content technology is maturing with ever-evolving market contexts. I missed out quite a few, but the ones that caught my eye - 

  • NLP and Drupal8, by iampritish - Leveraging NLP for content tagging makes it easier to showcase focused, summarised content
  • Browser Wars 2019 - Implementing a Content Security Policy, by iAugur - The security of web content is a live threat globally - security headers are easy to implement and add an extra layer of security against malicious attacks
  • The Front-end CSS battle - Flexbox Vs Grid, by surbhig - The choice of a ‘layout-first’ versus ‘content-first’ helps create responsive designs that render content across multiple devices and platforms
  • Reusing Components between Angular, React, Vue and Web-Components - by tkssharma - Reusing components between frameworks helps drive consistent user experiences across a plethora of applications or channels
  • How to make Drupal editor-friendly - by jaro.2801 - Drupal8 offers a highly enhanced UX for content editors; this presentation shows how to make the most of it

Content - Context-less and Channel-Agnostic

Finally, Preston So’s Sunday morning keynote was a pleasure to listen to. Speaking on ‘decoupled Drupal and context-less content’, he expounded on how rising expectations from developers, editors and marketers could put Drupal at risk of a credibility chasm.

decontextualize-your-contentThis may start to happen when Drupal content is served to multiple channels beyond just the website. The multitude of devices, screens, wearables and apps that push content to us in myriad ways - audio, video, text, AR/VR as well as interactive, streaming or static.

This is the ‘Change’ digital technology is going through - an explosion of channels, along with rapidly evolving front-end Javascript frameworks. In such a scenario, content shouldn’t just be context-specific, for example just mobile-friendly or website-friendly. Content in its pure form should be channel-agnostic - able to adapt to different contexts, just the way water adapts to the shape of the vessel its poured into.

Preston explained how decoupled Drupal helps configure front-end channels (the ‘vessels’) that own their contexts fully, enabling enterprises to target specific audiences. A whole new proposition to leverage Drupal in ways that evolve with the business.

And one for the road…

Can’t help coming back to Brexit - was the 2016 vote an outcome of the Remainers’ inability to effectively channel its messaging content to its targeted audience? Is the current imbroglio in the UK Parliament a result of similar shortcomings in the current dispensation?

As I said, a topic for another day. However, AI and big data technologies are increasingly impacting the spread of news, ideas and public opinion. In the post-truth era, the standing of media companies - to take an example - depends more and more on how they create and disseminate credible content to discerning audiences, across their preferred channels.

Will the near future see spiralling audience demand for peer-reviewed journalism, tagging of fake news, detection of fraud content, false references, fabricated statements? Technologies such as natural language processing, blockchain and bigdata + cloud are already addressing similar challenges for the scientific publishing world - how far behind is mainstream media?

The road ahead perhaps, for a modern CMS working with such technologies of tomorrow, backed by secure cloud platforms - an all-encompassing enterprise digital ecosystem. A topic for future DrupalCamps?

Truly, change is in the cloud, er… air.

Rajat Lal is the Business Head, UK and Europe at Srijan Technologies. Srijan was the CXO Day sponsor at DrupalCamp London 2019.

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Everything you need to know from DrupalCon Seattle 2019

Posted by Arpit Rastogi on Apr 20, 2019 5:19:00 PM

DrupalCon Seattle was my first community event of the year, and it was a great experience. Now that I've had some time to think about and process it all, I realise there's a tremendous amount of stuff that's going on in the community, and it's all super exciting.

While Gaurav already did a live roundup of the DriesNote at DrupalCon Seattle, I wanted to do a bit of a deep dive into all the key changes set to happen, and what it will mean for Drupal developers. So, here's me trying to put it all together, in one place. There's obviously going to be some things that I miss, but overall, here are my key takeaways from DrupalCOn Seattle 2019.

The State of Drupal 8

  • Drupal 8 is a leading digital platform across industries, with swift page loading, easy content editing, better security and huge open source community support.
  • It was good to see the improved acceptance rate of Drupal 8. 35% more sites are now on Drupal 8, and 48% more contributed modules are now stable, as compared to last year
  • 70% universities use Drupal for its out of the box CMS features, media platforms and government sites(NASA) use Drupal for its security features.

Besides that, Dries also touched upon the immediate next items on the roadmap:

#1 Make Drupal easy for content creators

There's a lot going on here, and we'll see a lot of development is three key facets:  

  • Layout building workflows - This allows editors to create and manage pages on the fly, with no developer workflow. It is expected to have a stable release launch with Drupal 8.7
  • Improvement in Media management - With media included in core in Drupal 8.6, the media reusability has improved a lot. Features like bulk upload, drag and drop, better media browsers are now part of the core, and we will see further improvements in media management within the WYSIWYG editor, expected in Drupal 8.8.
  • Improvement in Admin UI - The idea is to make the Admin UI more consistent, user friendly and clutter free by introducing a modern look and feel, better accessibility and better spacing.

#2 Make Drupal easy to adopt

  • The process of installing Drupal, and migrating sites to Drupal from different other sources has improved significantly. The introduction of dependency manager tools like Composer has helped in maintaining and downloading Drupal core and contributed modules.
  • Migration API has improved significantly. Drupal's core migration API supports different types of data sources varying from csv, xml, text, or database to database
  • With Drupal 9 releasing in 2020, Dries mentioned it's the right time to start migrating your websites to Drupal 8. Since there is no major changes from D8 to D9, and most of the code, core and contributed, is stable in D8,  it makes more sense to get on Drupal 8 before moving to Drupal 9.

#3 Keep Drupal relevant and impactful

This means improving Drupal's capabilities to serve content to different channels, varying from web to mobile to AI devices.  

One of the biggest achievements in this respect is the addition of JSON API module in core in Drupal 8.7. Thanks to maintainers and contributors for JSON API, this module is so far the best work done by Drupal to expose content via APIs, allow in and out of content, and goes well with Drupal permission and revisioning out of the box.

Moving forward, the focus of the Drupal community will be on:

  • Making Drupal more secure
  • Easier and cheaper to maintian
  • Automated updates
  • Easy upgrade path for Drupal 9
  • Reduce cost of ownership for developers and site owners.

Interesting Developments

There were a couple of announcements at the Con that caught my attention:

  • One of the great initiatives taken by the Drupal Association is to build resource materials for Drupal community. The Drupal Pitch Deck is one of the prime examples of this. The deck brings together the most successful Drupal projects delivered by Drupal agencies across industries. The idea is to help any freelancer or company pitch Drupal to their clients and showcase some of the best known Drupal case studies. 
  • Another great announcement was around Drupal's partnership with gitlab. Going forward, this will soon allow module maintainers to use merge request, and inline editing via gitlab interface. So we won't need to host our modules on git hosting service any more, as it will be a part of Drupal.

  • The Drupal Association is also working closely with the Drupal security team on a program called Drupal Steward. This is designed to offer sites a form of mitigation through the implementation of web application firewall rules, to prevent mass exploitation of some highly critical vulnerabilities. One of the major pain points for big enterprises using Drupal is to plan their site's security releases whenever there is a crucial Drupal security release, due to timezone differences or other reasons. This program will help in mitigating the gap between Drupal security release and site update.

The focus on diversity

There was a distinct focus on supporting diversity within the Drupal community, and enabling individuals from under-represented groups to contribute to Drupal. True to that theme, about 50% of speakers at Drupalcon Seattle were from underrepresented groups.

More on Drupal 9

With the 2020 release date, Drupal 9 was obviously big at the Con. The complete timeline with D7 and D8 end-of-life and the D9 launch looks something like this:

drupal-8-timeline-april-2019-1280w (1)

The core concept of Drupal 9

Drupal 9 = Drupal 8.9 - deprecated Code + updated 3rd party dependencies.

Reasons for Drupal 9

Given the end-of-life and release timeline, here's what is being said as the best time to migrate to Drupal 9:

  • It’s better to migrate to Drupal 8 rather than waiting for Drupal 9
  • There is a significant change in code pattern and database structure from D7 to D8. But D8 and D9 are on the same track, and we expect no major migration path between D8 to D9 other than removing deprecated code.
  • We have one year for Drupal 9 to launch and that gives enough time for large enterprises to switch to D8 and test their applications.
  • That will allow site owners to experience the new initiatives Drupal 8 has brought in, and be prepared for D9.

Basically, if you are on D7, now's the time to start migrating.

Code Sprints

As a Drupal developer, the code sprints are probably the most exciting parts of DrupalCon. At Seattle, the Srijan team participated in the code sprint, working closely with Joël Pittet on Drupal 9 readiness issue list. We were able to patch 7 modules to take them a step closer to Drupal 9:

Going ahead, Srijan teams will be regularly contributing to Drupal 9, to make it more powerful for everyone. 

So that was my roundup from DrupalCon Seattle. Anything I missed?

Please let me know in the comments below your impressions from the Con, and if you would like to add some interesting perspectives to the road ahead for Drupal.

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From Drupal 9 to inclusive community - The DrupalCon Seattle #DriesNote RoundUp

Posted by Gaurav Mishra on Apr 11, 2019 2:36:00 PM

DrupalCon Seattle just got off to a great start with the customary State of Drupal address, or the #Driesnote, by Dries Buytaert. As always, this was a look at the bigger picture of what lies ahead for Drupal, both in terms of the code and the community.

Getting Ready for Drupal 9

One of the key highlights was the planned release of Drupal 9 in 2020.

 The major reasons for the launch of Drupal 9 were:

  • Increase performance, maintainability, and the developer experience, by eliminating deprecated code
  • Update 3rd-party dependencies for new improvements and security support

The fact that Drupal 9 will feel less like a major release overhauling everything, and more like smoothly upgrading to a better, more powerful Drupal core, was the central attraction for most Drupalers. As Dries pointed out, Drupal 9 will be more like a Drupal 8.9 release, without the deprecated code, and with updated third-party dependencies.

Because of this proposed seamless nature of the Drupal 9 launch, most Drupal users were advised to get on to Drupal 8 now. And then reap the benefits of a smooth migration to Drupal 9.

The upgrade path for users still on Drupal 7 was also clarified by Dries.

However, amidst all the hoopla around the release of Drupal 8.7 and Drupal 9, Dries also assured Drupal 7 users continued vendor support till at least 2024.

Other Highlights

Besides this, the other notable takeaways from the Driesnote were:

#1 Check your work for deprecated code and get rid of it. A lot of Drupal modules are all ready for Drupal 9, and it's best to use the updates ones.

#2 JSON API is now stable and included in Drupal core.

#3 Renewed focus on the automated updates issue, with the European open source community pledging to fund the progress

Inclusive and Diverse Community

The other important track in today's Driesnote was the focus on building a diverse and inclusive community. Yes, the Driesnote has always spoken about the power of the open source community, but the keynotes over DrupalCon Nashville in 2018 and at Seattle this year have outlined some concrete steps for the community. While last year was all about the community values and code of conduct, this year's message was focussed on diversity and inclusion.

There was also a call for Drupal agencies to create more opportunities for under-represented communities to contribute to Drupal.

Overall, the way ahead for Drupal remains exciting as ever, with the added challenge of building a more robust and diverse community. 

You can catch the complete #Driesnote here.

As every year, we are at DrupalCon Seattle, and ready to talk about all things Drupal and digital transformation.You can drop by our booth #710 and meet the team. We would love to hear about how your teams are pushing the boundaries of Drupal, and a chance to share some of our more interesting recent projects.

So what say? Grab a coffee with us at DrupalCon Seattle?

Put that in my calendar 

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Srijan is a Bronze Sponsor at DrupalCon Seattle 2019

Posted by Shadab Ashraf on Mar 25, 2019 6:05:00 PM

It’s here, the first DrupalCon of the year! We are just weeks away from DrupalCon Seattle and can’t wait to dive into this celebration of code, community, and coffee.

Slated for 8th to 12th April 2019, DrupalCon Seattle will bring together Drupal developers and users from across the globe. Srijan is proud to be a Bronze and badge insert sponsor for the event.

The Srijan team at DrupalCon Seattle will have our CEO, Ashish Goyal, along with Gaurav Mishra, Business Head, North America, and Ishan Mahajan, Program Manager, US.

This year, Srijan will be showcasing a range of digital transformation solutions at the conference. This will include our:

  • Drupal capabilities - decoupled Drupal, multisite architecture, Drupal migrations, containerized hosting and more.

  • Proficiency with Acquia’s martech solutions - Lift and Journey

  • API management and developer portals

  • DevOps

  • AWS services - chatbots, machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing, and data science.

You can drop by our booth #710 and meet the team. We would love to hear about how your teams are pushing the boundaries of Drupal, and a chance to share some of our more interesting recent projects.

So what say? Grab a coffee with us at DrupalCon Seattle?

Put that in my calendar

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Srijan is Gold Sponsor for DrupalCamp Goa

Posted by Navneet Kaur on Feb 27, 2019 5:46:00 PM

The Drupal events calendar in India is opening with the ever exciting DrupalCamp Goa. Slated for 2nd - 3rd March 2019, the community event will see 300+ technology enthusiasts from India and beyond come together to discuss Drupal and associated technologies, industry trends and demonstrate their technical skills.

The Srijan team has always been an integral part of the DrupalCamp Goa proceedings, as Gold sponsor for the event this year. Srijan’s Shadab Ashraf, Surabhi Gokte, Manjit Singh, and Navneet Kaur are part of the core committee. They, along with volunteers from  peer Drupal agencies in India, have pulled out all the stops to make it a great event.

Speakers from Srijan

And of course there’ll be Srijanites sharing their tips, tricks, and experiences with some valuable sessions:


SSO : Smack the Drupal with SAML and OKTA, representing a beautiful love triangle | Sugandh Khanna, Senior Drupal Developer

Sugandh will be talking about Drupal, OKTA, and SimpleSAMLphp, their history and the future. She will also talk about single sign-on and the compliance issues with it, along with a hands-on demo of how to:

  • install and configure SimpleSAMLphp as SP, and Okta as IDP

  • integrate SimpleSAMLphp into Drupal 8 and create your SSO network.


Super Test your Drupal Site with Codeception! | Sami Ullah, Senior QA Engineer

Sami’s session focuses on understanding when and why use Codeception for QA automation. He will share the basics - set up and testing, and also how to use Drupal modules while writing Codeception tests.

From a Team Member to a First Time Manager  | Akshita Rawat, Content Editor    

Akshita will share her journey at Srijan, talking about leading virtual team members, communicating like a manager, and balancing the strengths of different members. It will help the attendees to establish themselves as an effective leader or manager at their organizations.

There’s a lot happening and you have to be there to experiences it. So join us this weekend at Faculty Block - E, Goa University, Taleigao Plateau, Goa, India.

To know more about the event contact the organizing committee or just register for the event!

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Srijan Sponsors CxO Day at DrupalCamp London, 2019

Posted by Shadab Ashraf on Feb 26, 2019 6:23:00 PM

We are excited to kick off the year with another set of Drupal events in our calendar, starting with DrupalCamp London. While we sponsor several Drupal events, this one is rather special since Srijan is sponsoring the CxO Day at DrupalCamp London, 2019.

About DrupalCamp London

DrupalCamp London brings together hundreds of people from around the world who use, develop, design and support the Drupal platform. This year 500+ Drupalers will be attending the event being held in City, University of London from 1st - 3rd March, 2019.

The CxO Day, slated for 1st March 2019, is primarily aimed at business leaders who provide or make use of Drupal services. The networking event will have several speakers sharing their experiences and insights around working with Drupal and Open Source technologies.

Srijanites at DrupalCamp London

We are proud to share that two expert Srijanites will also be presenting sessions at the event.

CSS battle - Flexbox Vs Grid | Surbhi Gupta, Drupal Front End Developer

Surbhi will be exploring one of the most common questions faced by front end developers: Flexbox Vs Grid. She will showcase various aspects of this scenario - providing a better understanding of the two and highlighting the differences. She will also provide use cases of when to use one over the other, and effective layouts for combining the two.

Reusing Components between Angular, React, Vue and Web-Components | Tarun Sharma, Tech Lead

Tarun will be providing insights into components creation for Angular, React, Vue and web components framework, and how to reuse it. For anyone attending this session, key takeaways would be:

  • How to write web components in different framework

  • How to make a component library and publish it

Besides this, Rajat Lal, Business Head at Srijan, will be at the event to interact with the community about diverse Drupal innovations, challenges, and solutions that the Srijan team is working on.

So if you are attending DrupalCamp London, make sure to drop by the Srijan booth. We would be delighted to understand how your enterprise uses Drupal, and identify new possibilities for collaboration.

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Hampi - A trip to remember

Posted by Manjit Singh on Dec 31, 2018 3:10:00 PM

It was the time to unplug our mind from our desks & our work and take a break. And our recent trip to Hampi had everything we needed to have a truly fantastic time.

Hampi is situated on the banks of Tungabhadra River in the eastern part of central Karnataka. The place has numerous ruins of Hindu temples from the Vijayanagar Empire.

It was exciting as most of the people have never visited this place before. We were around 40 people from both Srijan Goa and Bangalore office. The two-day getaway was a super fun experience.

It was the end of the Monsoon season, the weather was pleasant and the lush green view made it scenic.annual-trip-to-hampi-3

The first day was about team activities which included bouldering, trekking and a visit to a temple. 

Bouldering - We were all thrilled for this particular activity. Tom & Jerry were our instructors. It takes a lot of strength and skill but it was worth it.

Check out the team efforts in the video below.


Trekking - It was a little hectic as it followed straight after the bouldering. It was a 5 km trek to a forest and through it we explored the natural and the man-made beauty of the land






Coracle boats - Coracle boating was a unique thing to experience. It was a circular shaped country boat that took us across the river. And one should never miss the sunset there.annual-trip-to-hampi-2

Then we rush to our camps. It was around 8-10 km away from the boating place. It was a very long and tiring day.


On the second day, we visited at Sri Virupaksha Shiva Temple Sanctum Sanctorum. It is the main center of pilgrimage at Hampi. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tom and Jerry helped us hire the local guide who shared the history of the temples.

And then we rented bicycles because few temples were far away from the Virupaksha Temple. And it was the best way to explore the remaining sites like the Elephant Stable, and the Vijaya Vittala Temple. 





It was a memorable trip, soaking up the scenery and bringing the team closer together. 

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A Trip to the City of Lakes

Posted by Navneet Kaur on Dec 3, 2018 4:05:00 PM

It was time to take a break from all the tech, and a trip to Udaipur in the blink-and you-miss-it Indian autumn was the best decision ever. The week-long vacation with the entire Srijan team was a super fun experience.

Udaipur, the “City of Lakes” and home to the Rajputs is a land of fairy-tale palaces, lakes, temples, gardens, and narrow lanes rich with royalty and valour. Their reflection in the quiet waters of the Lake Pichola is an alluring sight.

The weather was pleasant and breezy, with the city getting ready to settle into winter. Our days were filled with hopping from one majestic site to the next and believe me, there’s not a dearth of breathtaking views in Udaipur.

On our first day, we went to the City Palace. Built in the heart of Udaipur, this architectural marvel also houses a museum with different collections of old weapons, Mor Chowk etc. Within the complex are the Manak (Ruby) Mahal, Chini Mahal (covered by ornamental tiles), Surya Chopar(with an ornamental sun), Moti Mahal (has mirror work), Bari Mehal (has a beautiful garden) and the Zenana Mahal (has exquisite paintings).

A Trip to the City of Lakes

Udaipur trip

Day 2 was spent taking in the rich history of Haldighati, the site of the famed battle between Rajput king Maharana Pratap and the Mughals. The site also has a memorial to Chetak, the Rajput warrior’s horse made famous in epic tales. The history of the place is shown through beautiful special effects and animatronics.

Srijan trip

Srijan trip to Udaipur

Then we went to Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara Only one temple in India of Shri Shrinathji at Nathdwara, Rajasthan. You could find your inner peace here. Once you are inside the temple, you will feel truly blessed and would like to spend more and more time inside. The main temple opens for darshan at a specified time and there will be long queues to get in. A mesmerizing town with so many heritage walks Also, shopping street has many varieties of clothes, jewelry paintings etc.   

Then we went to Eklingji mandir The temple is 1300 years old and the structure itself speaks a lot. The temple is very peaceful and all you can hear is the pandit’s reciting mantras and the bells. The architecture seems to be very ancient and beautifully carved

On the Third day, we went to Ranakpur Jain temple which is a masterpiece of architecture, There are 5 temples Situated in the village of Ranakpur. The entire building is covered with delicate lace-like carvings and geometric patterns. The domes are carved in concentric bands and the brackets connecting the base of the dome with the top are covered with figures of goddesses. Ranakpur Temple is undoubtedly a wonder.

A Trip to the City of Lakes- Udaipur

Temple in Udaipur

Our final stop was the imposing Kumbhalgarh Fort, the second largest fort in Rajasthan after Chittorgarh Fort, also known as The great wall of India. Located 80 km north of Udaipur in the wilderness, the green hills make it hard to believe that you are in the desert state. o Since no vehicles are allowed after the fort entrance gate, the only choice to explore the fort is by walking and it’s all worth it.

Greenery in Udaipur

Trip to udaipur

The trip was one of the most memorable experiences, both because of the people and the places. But for now, it’s back to the office and all things tech.

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Acquia Engage 2018 - A Journey by a WordPress Fan

Posted by Mayank Gupta on Nov 27, 2018 10:58:00 AM

A week before Acquia Engage event, I received an email from Ashish Goyal (Global Sales Head) who asked me if I could join him on Acquia Engage event this year. The excitement to get out and meet fellow Srijanites in an event that would give me a chance to dig deeper in Acquia and Drupal offerings sounded like an excellent idea! So, I decided to pack my bags to fly to Austin, Tx. So buckle up as I take you with me along with my journey..

 What is Acquia Engage ‘18?

Being familiar with DrupalCon (Note to self: There’s a first for everything) and WordCamp style of events, I wasn’t really sure about what to expect from Acquia Engage event but the Engage’s website was a good place to start. It told me what Engage as an event is all about -

The Acquia Engage conference was developed to connect Acquia customers, partners, prospects and team members in the spirit of learning and collaboration. Together, we can address growing digital challenges, share knowledge and insights, and above all, better serve our customers.

Engage Hub Event app was another amazing tool that gave me up to date information about the speakers, attendees, award winners (To be honest - knowing the winners from start took away the excitement a little), the raffle and learned that we (Srijan) were in fact one of the sponsors of the event too! 

Reaching Austin Texas

With a sponsor’s pride in my heart, I left for the event and was ecstatic to find out that two Drupalers sitting in the row in front of me were also on the same journey where Senior Drupaler was giving some knowledgeable insights in how personalized content is a powerful marketing solution to connect better with the customers to their junior counterpart. It was enough dose to get me excited about the event more!

Pre-Conference Day

First day, Ashish, Ishan and I met and together went to attend the pre-conference social & reception at the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Austin where we setup our Kiosk for the actual event day and enjoyed a wonderful dinner hosted by Acquia.

I learned that apart from being the sponsors we were in fact one of the finalists and Ishan (picture below) led a cross functional team with CRAIN Communication which got us to be finalists in "Lightning in a bottle" category for CRAIN.  CRAIN is a large privately held publishing company and manages 20+ brands while helping build a pattern library and the power of Drupal! (Get in touch with us to know more about CRAIN & other interesting projects)


Ishan Mahajan at Srijan's Kiosk at Acquia Engage 2018

Though we didn’t win this year but did feel great to see the winners and their projects. Kudos to winners! Well deserved!

Day 1’s Mantra - Build Manage Optimize!

After breakfast and getting to know the winners officially at the event we headed to the main conference hall where with a powerful pomp & show, the event was officially kicked off by Acquia’s Chief Marketing Officer Lynne Capozzi, followed by CEO Mike Sullivan and then CTO Dries Buytaert himself where they spoke about Acquia as a company, Acquia’s product offerings in MarTech space, Drupal’s role in digital transformation of businesses of all sizes and most of all how the customer/ consumer experience has taken the lead in building brands than traditional web content management. The message was clear...

Enterprises that are focusing on building good digital experiences are far ahead of the competition who are still trying to manage the content.


Rest of the day went in networking, attending events about various solutions including Lighting, Decoupled Drupal & progressively decoupled architecture etc. Got to learn about Acquia’s Site Factory, Lift, Journey, DAM & Cloud solutions and how important this product suite can be for any enterprise in building digital consumer experiences quickly while without worrying about scale.

Finally came the much awaited part of the event i.e. keynote speech from Eric Weihenmayer (you’d think that only Dries’ last name is a mouthful). Some 20-30 years ago Eric took up the challenge to climb Mount Everest and achieved the goal by becoming the first blind man (yes! you read it right) ever to climb the massive mountain! I guess The Everest wasn’t enough that Eric also decided to Kayak across Lava falls as well. This little video should give you some idea about Eric’s story -


And to hear some of the excerpt from his actual talk, you can refer to this tweet here.

His talk was witty, moving, inspirational and powerful that I could see a lot of grown up men & women shed tears with sheer excitement and surge of emotions that we all experienced in that talk. Eric was humble enough to compare his challenges with those experienced by us as IT professionals while building a better world.

Finally after day 1 ended, Acquia once again graciously hosted a party for all the attendees at SpeakEasy lounge (Austin, Tx Downtown) and to all our surprise Wendy's had a surprise dinner for us at 9PM along with few more coupons!

Day 2 - More learning, Raffle by Acquia & Srijan

My next day started with more learning, networking and meeting fellow drupalers and various healthy and insightful discussions on WordPress Vs Drupal, Progressive web apps, GraphQL, fully decoupled vs progressively decoupled architecture. We got to learn more about some of the prime sponsors, award winners and their stories. Even though I didn’t get to win the Raffle organized by Acquia, it was great networking opportunity to connect with with all the sponsors at their kiosk and taking picture of their logo (Clever idea by Acquia event team to force attendees to visit each sponsor).

Inspired by Acquia’s raffle, Ashish also decided to host a raffle by Srijan where he decided to give Apple Watch Series 4 and thanks to Alec Buchbaum of Acquia we were able to pick Dan Ardelan of @elevatedthird as the lucky winner! 

After that, the focus was to pack bags for home while thinking about all the learning from the event. It was a wonderful 3 days journey where we got to learn, network and have fun at the same time! This journey convinced me that even though WordPress beats Drupal in CMS market share at the end it doesn’t matter when we are trying to solve problems for marketers. It showed me that Acquia’s experience platform along with power of open-sourced Drupal can be a very powerful and essential solution for an enterprise of any level in building meaningful consumer experiences quickly.

In the end, I would like to thank Acquia and various sponsors for making this event a huge success and of course, Srijan for giving me the opportunity to attend one. Can’t wait to be in next year’s Engage!

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