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OpenSocial Bounty Winner from Srijan is All Set for DrupalCon Amsterdam 😃

Posted by Akshita Rawat on Aug 23, 2019 6:12:00 PM

In June, OpenSocial launched one of its kind contest inviting developers from Drupal community to contribute and win a free ticket and flight to DrupalCon Amsterdam. Jyoti Singh, Sr. Drupal Developer, won the bounty and is all ready to visit the city of canals. ✨

A regular contributor at Srijan local code sprints, elated Jyoti says, “I am very excited right now but honestly wasn’t expecting anything when I participated. I did this because I love contributing and what better opportunity than getting DrupalCon sponsored in return”.

DrupalCon is an international conference where the Drupal community joins together for a full week dedicated to sharing and growing Drupal skills. DrupalCon Amsterdam happens from 28 - 31 October 2019.

a red and blue card with a image of a girl on right and text on left

What was the Contest?

The contest required participants to:

  • Visit the bounty issue queue
  • For each issue credit on an issue marked with the 'OSBounty- DrupalConEU2019' label, participants would receive an entry ticket for the lottery. Only Open Social maintainers can add this label.
  • Once done, participants would be automatically added to the lottery for tickets to DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019.

Excited for Contributions at DrupalCon

A regular at DrupalCons, Jyoti looks forward to the code sprints and contribution days “I remember in Vienna (2017), there were areas dedicated to distributions and issues. This is a really good opportunity to meet the core distribution and module maintainers and many such important people in the community. Meeting them is inspiring, where you know about the road map of such distributions and plan ahead what you can deliver to your client. Afterparty is another place to enjoy and network.”

OpenSocial provides social business software to build and manage community strategies effectively while keeping your community safe and secure. One of its kind bounties, it is a great initiative by them, encouraging developers to contribute to opensource and make it better.

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Srijan Drives Tree Plantation Initiative at DCD19

Posted by Kimi Mahajan on Aug 9, 2019 12:19:00 AM

Sustainability, reducing environment impact & similar issues are fundamental to Srijan's values and it's only expected to see our involvement and concern for the same. For Drupal Camp Delhi 2019, Srijan partnered with Grow-Trees to drive tree plantation campaign.

DCD 2019 is the largest annual Drupal India conference attracting hundreds of web developers, designers, executives and educators who are engaged with teaching and learning Drupal.

Unlike the other times we surprised the audience with an initiative to give back to the planet and got a great response too.

The booth attendees were given a pamphlet with a scannable QR code. For every QR code scanned, the person’s details were sent to us through whatsapp and to be subscribed for our job updates. The details were then shared with Grow-Trees, who planted a tree on their behalf, reaching to a total of 59 trees.

Grow-Trees ensure regular check ups from planting different trees grows and carefully nurturing them.dcd trees


Srijan’s penchant and gratitude towards the Drupal family explains the hashtag #DrupalLove on its e-certificates to people for planting a tree.


dcd trees


As a well established Drupal company, Srijan continues to embark on the trend of collaborating with businesses dependent on an open-source ecosystem livelihood, in a constant need of communal contributions.

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#DCD19: A True Summer Delight!

Posted by Shadab Ashraf on Jun 23, 2019 4:46:00 PM

Truly, madly, deeply...Dilli ke hain Drupal wale!

The summer of 2019 gave a reason for the Delhiites to rejoice. This time as one of the most conspicuous open source technology events of India, DrupalCamp was back after a sabbatical of two years, in Delhi.

DrupalCamp Delhi was a two-day conference that happened on 15-16 June at JNU Convention Centre. The event proudly hosted 350+ people, 20+ sessions, 7+ Founders speakers, and 3 trainings and a Drupal contribution sprint. Sponsored by 7 top Drupal companies across India and partnered by 10 technology/open source communities, DCD had some power packed Drupal talks by the brightest minds in Drupal and in India.

As an insignia of community inclusiveness, it had the presence of specially-abled artists from KPCT Foundation.



Participants appreciated the spectacular paintings by specially abled people from Kalpana Charitable Trust (KPCT)

We started with the prenote where we introduced DrupalCamp Delhi and discussed the flow of event. More importantly, we threw light on the very beginning of Drupal, the first Drupal event in Antwerp and how DrupalCamp community has grown to 1.3 million people globally.

Following this, the Keynote was delivered by Sudhanshu Mani, the man behind the conceptualization, engineering and manufacturing of India’s first engineless train, Train18.



He enthralled the audience by sharing his journey (talking about culture, structure and processes) as the General Manager of the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) and some to-the-point Shayari.

Day 1 witnessed a total of 18 sessions ranging from business & leadership, community, frontend & web design, coding & development, CI/CD & QA automation, beyond Drupal and case studies. People loved the session by Mathieu Spillebeen on - Frontend United: The energy of the people- which also took the audience by surprise since it was a virtual session. The attendees participated throughout by asking questions through the online platform, Slido.


Mathieu Spillebeen in action

Another notable event in the camp was the launch of Drupal India Association (DIA), by Shyamala Rajaram, a local chapter for Drupalites to contribute in India.

drupal-india-association-srijanThe official launch of DIA

At Birds of a Feather (BOF), we discussed the reasons for the inability to contribute to the community and what should be the action plan. Participants didn’t shy away from stating that it was the lack of exposure, mentorship and time which was holding them to contribute effectively.

Two parallel workshops were also running throughout the day for - beginners in Drupal and content writers.

Day 2 was filled with sessions, contribution workshops on Drupal and Gatsby, BoF, and Trivia Night. The day gave way to camp’s second keynote speaker Prashant Singh, VP - Product Management PayTM, take the podium to talk about the importance of technology in building a better track for India.



Prashant Singh, VP - Product Management PayTM talking about the importance of technology in building a better India

The Contribution Sprint by Axelerant let people know how and why is it important for them to contribute to Drupal as much as possible. The two-hour-long contribution sprint, which was guided by mentors, saw people from coding as well as non-coding backgrounds joining to network with peers.

The event wrapped up with Drupal Trivia, which kept the audience engaged with some mind-boggling Drupal questions. It was adorable to see two cute kids join as co-hosts, to Tanisha and Akanksha, and were adamant to share no clue when asked for one! The winners of the evening were announced and team Srijan won by answering maximum questions right.


Team Srijan with hosts and the prize

#DCD19 remains special to my heart, for being able to carry out the whole thing successfully, whilst bringing in new set of volunteers to contribute, and for receiving a special note of appreciation from Shyamala Rajaram, Director and Co-founder Unimity Solutions.



Community events fuelled by passion, such as DCD, are always special. Here’s why:


For professionals, organisations and students, this is the best way to learn and reinforce your commitment to Drupal. These events create leaders, showcase the importance of non-code contributions and help us in propagating Drupal around the globe. DrupalCamp Delhi would be bigger and better in 2020. Would you be with us?

Time for a groupfie!


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Global Leaders in Drupal Certification

Posted by Mayank Gupta on May 3, 2019 4:40:00 PM

The market where you operate is stuffed with several competitors. How then are you supposed to differentiate yourself, interest your stakeholders, and earn their trust?

By demonstrating your knowledge and team expertise in the niche field! 

And an easy way to do so is by building upon your credentials through certification programs.

The Certification and Partner Program, launched by Acquia 5 years ago, is the way to build credentials for Drupal organizations and developers. Also known as Acquia certification, the program has been a big success in the community. One major reason being that they provide a valuable data point for recruiters and a way for developers to demonstrate their knowledge and stand out.

It consists of four exams that Drupal developers and Acquia partner agencies like Srijan can benefit from - Site Builder, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Specialist. If someone clears the four exams within a year, from first appearing, they earn the title of a Grandmaster.  

“Time to boast! - At the time of writing of this post, Srijan is the 2nd company with highest number of developer certifications (61) and 3 Drupal Grand Master certifications after Acquia.”

Why Acquia Certification?

Acquia Platform Certification is a premium professional Drupal certification program. It is a trusted benchmark for validating and promoting team expertise, up-skilling teams and individuals and ensuring the success of a project delivery. Further, it also helps minimize risks when hiring.

“At Srijan we encourage our developers with quarterly batches for Certification”

Digital agencies and Acquia partners can use Acquia Certification to reduce risks by validating skills of their prospective hires. The certification program ensures the developers meet all the standard bar of skills across requisite knowledge domains.

Some Acquia delivery partners are also required to certify team members to achieve Qualified Delivery Team status. This can be of significant value and help businesses get certain clients or projects.

Why agencies must encourage their employees?

Fielding a certified team differentiates you in the marketplace and helps you win business.  

With an in-house team of certified developers, organizations can keep up with the current and latest Drupal knowledge and skills. It further helps you get the most out of your investment.

Individual Drupalists use Acquia Certification to establish their competence in a competitive marketplace and stand out in the eyes of their prospective employers.

At Srijan, we encourage our developers by sponsoring their exam. And excitedly look forward to getting more developers certified and giving back to the community.

What are we aiming at?

An important part when ascending the business ladder is building the right team. This particular point becomes the crux of the situation. Often, this comes as a big hurdle as one leading person moves over a dedicated role.

While letting go off is tough, it is easier to identify and reflect on their performance by mapping to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). When you are certified, it is an official stamp on your abilities, one that any other person in the company knows of already.

This helps our team to not only polish their existing skills but prepare them for more challenging tasks and responsibilities, too.

The effectiveness of an organization depends on its ability to perform several interconnected activities simultaneously, in order to achieve its intended results and meet stakeholders’ expectations. At Srijan, not only we believe in it but we also follow it.

Having said that our different teams regularly appear for their respective niche and refine their skills. This helps us:

  1. Get more experienced people on board
  2. Gives them the confidence to implement their knowledge and skills with other technologies offering hybrid solutions

Currently, we have 28 certified professionals other than Drupal, with 29 kinds of certifications.  

Looking for a team of Drupal 8 experts to develop and improve your digital property? Reach out to us at  for best Drupal services.

Srijan is Signature Supporting Partner to the Drupal Association. With 140+ seasoned Drupalers of which 60+ are Acquia Certified, Srijan has the largest team of Drupal experts in Asia.

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Revisiting DrupalCamp London 2019

Posted by Rajat Lal on Apr 22, 2019 5:12:00 PM

Change is in the air!

In more ways than one, our world is in the throes of change. We live in an era where politics and governance, economy and international relations as also business and technology are all careening through an edge-of-the-seat roller coaster ride, from one ‘cutting edge’ to another.

Ideas, values, systems, processes, frameworks - what held good yesterday is today up in the air. We see this in our lives - professional and personal. We seek the new constantly, be it a new Mar-Tech platform every few months for our businesses, or a new Soc-Med channel to post our holiday pictures on, discarding the one that was ‘trusted’ till yesterday.

Not surprisingly, this affects both organizations and individuals - the changes in our experience of institutional frameworks, business models, corporate ethics, interpersonal relationships, the way we shop, eat, dress, travel, even our experiences of climate change.

The bit about climate change brings me to my own experience within a year, at two successive DrupalCamp events. The first weekend of March 2018 caught me in the middle of the ‘Beast from the East’ cold snap at City University, the traditional venue for DC London.

winter-of-londonTrudging from Angel tube station down a snow-laden Goswell Road to the venue, in the lowest temperatures I have ever experienced in London.

In contrast, London saw unseasonal, unusually warm weather during DrupalCamp 2019. The weather was almost tending to summer-hood, the very same week exactly a year on. The odd tree on Goswell Road, standing like a leafless sentinel in front of a corner townhouse, provided an isolated reminder that it was officially still winter.

Almost like climate change in reverse. Talking of change, the biggest change facing UK and Europe today is Brexit… and so a passing thought - is a ‘Brexit in reverse’ still possible...?

Growth, Leadership, Diversity   Superpowers

drupal-camp-londonDrupalCamps are largely meant to be developer-centric affairs… but the DC London CXO Day goes the extra mile to make it relevant to business owners, managers, and of course CXOs.

We can leave the topic of Brexit for another day, but wasn’t it all about the absence of growth, of leadership, and about rejecting diversity? This year’s CXO Day went on to address precisely this - how growth, leadership and diversity can equip us with superpowers... to deal with ‘change’.

Three very lively and insightful presentations

  1. Prof. Costas Andriopoulos’ (CASS Business School) talk on ‘Leadership and innovation in scaling enterprises’ - dwelt upon the challenges of size.

    • initial success breeds complacency and arrogance
    • an ageing leadership is unable to embrace technology shifts
    • bureaucracy and set structures tend to be risk-averse

      Creativity and innovation are the victims of this inability to change, in the face of change.

      The professor emphasized that change can be harnessed via ‘breakthrough innovation’ -

      • empower people to break rules - those at the fringes bring in outside perspective
      • enable ‘project labs’ - to foster innovation initiatives
      • encourage ambidexterity - simultaneously exploit current competencies and explore new domains
  2. Michel Van Velde (Director, One Shoe) - gave a contemporary and germane take on modern psychology to effectively lead and bring about change - 'Radically Candid'.
    group of people sitting on a desk and talking on mic
    Drawing from the concepts of Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis, and Thomas Antony Harris’ book ‘I’m Ok, You’re Ok’, Michel explained beautifully how the Drama Triangle traps us into responding in set ways to situations.                                                                                                                                                            This, in turn, prompts others to be unyielding in their stance, and the interaction hits a cul-de-sac. The conflicting parties are trapped in the rigidity of their responses, rendering any resolution impossible. 

    Recognizing we are trapped in the Drama Triangle opens up our minds to deviating from our set position, enabling others to react differently, and Change becomes possible.
  3. Melissa Van Der Hecht (CTO, Mulesoft) - ‘We all have Superpowers’ gave a hugely engaging talk on why we need to be more open about diversity in technology. 

    A woman standing and speaking. Text written in backgroundShe shared insights on how we tend to think of ‘diversity’ in very uni-dimensional ways - gender for example - but it actually covers several aspects. Age, background, education, experience, race, nationality, disability are all elements of diversity - but it's what makes one stand out ahead that counts. 

    Melissa illustrated how diversity is a key driver to innovation and change - and cited studies and statistics to show -
    • companies with more diverse teams report ~19% higher revenues
    • why diversity - better culture, higher performance, better customer engagement
    • coaching employees to harness their strengths encourages inclusion 

The Content Experience  Focus, Responsiveness, Security

Some very interesting and instructive developer sessions over the next two days that showcased how content technology is maturing with ever-evolving market contexts. I missed out quite a few, but the ones that caught my eye - 

  • NLP and Drupal8, by iampritish - Leveraging NLP for content tagging makes it easier to showcase focused, summarised content
  • Browser Wars 2019 - Implementing a Content Security Policy, by iAugur - The security of web content is a live threat globally - security headers are easy to implement and add an extra layer of security against malicious attacks
  • The Front-end CSS battle - Flexbox Vs Grid, by surbhig - The choice of a ‘layout-first’ versus ‘content-first’ helps create responsive designs that render content across multiple devices and platforms
  • Reusing Components between Angular, React, Vue and Web-Components - by tkssharma - Reusing components between frameworks helps drive consistent user experiences across a plethora of applications or channels
  • How to make Drupal editor-friendly - by jaro.2801 - Drupal8 offers a highly enhanced UX for content editors; this presentation shows how to make the most of it

Content - Context-less and Channel-Agnostic

Finally, Preston So’s Sunday morning keynote was a pleasure to listen to. Speaking on ‘decoupled Drupal and context-less content’, he expounded on how rising expectations from developers, editors and marketers could put Drupal at risk of a credibility chasm.

decontextualize-your-contentThis may start to happen when Drupal content is served to multiple channels beyond just the website. The multitude of devices, screens, wearables and apps that push content to us in myriad ways - audio, video, text, AR/VR as well as interactive, streaming or static.

This is the ‘Change’ digital technology is going through - an explosion of channels, along with rapidly evolving front-end Javascript frameworks. In such a scenario, content shouldn’t just be context-specific, for example just mobile-friendly or website-friendly. Content in its pure form should be channel-agnostic - able to adapt to different contexts, just the way water adapts to the shape of the vessel its poured into.

Preston explained how decoupled Drupal helps configure front-end channels (the ‘vessels’) that own their contexts fully, enabling enterprises to target specific audiences. A whole new proposition to leverage Drupal in ways that evolve with the business.

And one for the road…

Can’t help coming back to Brexit - was the 2016 vote an outcome of the Remainers’ inability to effectively channel its messaging content to its targeted audience? Is the current imbroglio in the UK Parliament a result of similar shortcomings in the current dispensation?

As I said, a topic for another day. However, AI and big data technologies are increasingly impacting the spread of news, ideas and public opinion. In the post-truth era, the standing of media companies - to take an example - depends more and more on how they create and disseminate credible content to discerning audiences, across their preferred channels.

Will the near future see spiralling audience demand for peer-reviewed journalism, tagging of fake news, detection of fraud content, false references, fabricated statements? Technologies such as natural language processing, blockchain and bigdata + cloud are already addressing similar challenges for the scientific publishing world - how far behind is mainstream media?

The road ahead perhaps, for a modern CMS working with such technologies of tomorrow, backed by secure cloud platforms - an all-encompassing enterprise digital ecosystem. A topic for future DrupalCamps?

Truly, change is in the cloud, er… air.

Rajat Lal is the Business Head, UK and Europe at Srijan Technologies. Srijan was the CXO Day sponsor at DrupalCamp London 2019.

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Everything you need to know from DrupalCon Seattle 2019

Posted by Arpit Rastogi on Apr 20, 2019 5:19:00 PM

DrupalCon Seattle was my first community event of the year, and it was a great experience. Now that I've had some time to think about and process it all, I realise there's a tremendous amount of stuff that's going on in the community, and it's all super exciting.

While Gaurav already did a live roundup of the DriesNote at DrupalCon Seattle, I wanted to do a bit of a deep dive into all the key changes set to happen, and what it will mean for Drupal developers. So, here's me trying to put it all together, in one place. There's obviously going to be some things that I miss, but overall, here are my key takeaways from DrupalCOn Seattle 2019.

The State of Drupal 8

  • Drupal 8 is a leading digital platform across industries, with swift page loading, easy content editing, better security and huge open source community support.
  • It was good to see the improved acceptance rate of Drupal 8. 35% more sites are now on Drupal 8, and 48% more contributed modules are now stable, as compared to last year
  • 70% universities use Drupal for its out of the box CMS features, media platforms and government sites(NASA) use Drupal for its security features.

Besides that, Dries also touched upon the immediate next items on the roadmap:

#1 Make Drupal easy for content creators

There's a lot going on here, and we'll see a lot of development is three key facets:  

  • Layout building workflows - This allows editors to create and manage pages on the fly, with no developer workflow. It is expected to have a stable release launch with Drupal 8.7
  • Improvement in Media management - With media included in core in Drupal 8.6, the media reusability has improved a lot. Features like bulk upload, drag and drop, better media browsers are now part of the core, and we will see further improvements in media management within the WYSIWYG editor, expected in Drupal 8.8.
  • Improvement in Admin UI - The idea is to make the Admin UI more consistent, user friendly and clutter free by introducing a modern look and feel, better accessibility and better spacing.

#2 Make Drupal easy to adopt

  • The process of installing Drupal, and migrating sites to Drupal from different other sources has improved significantly. The introduction of dependency manager tools like Composer has helped in maintaining and downloading Drupal core and contributed modules.
  • Migration API has improved significantly. Drupal's core migration API supports different types of data sources varying from csv, xml, text, or database to database
  • With Drupal 9 releasing in 2020, Dries mentioned it's the right time to start migrating your websites to Drupal 8. Since there is no major changes from D8 to D9, and most of the code, core and contributed, is stable in D8,  it makes more sense to get on Drupal 8 before moving to Drupal 9.

#3 Keep Drupal relevant and impactful

This means improving Drupal's capabilities to serve content to different channels, varying from web to mobile to AI devices.  

One of the biggest achievements in this respect is the addition of JSON API module in core in Drupal 8.7. Thanks to maintainers and contributors for JSON API, this module is so far the best work done by Drupal to expose content via APIs, allow in and out of content, and goes well with Drupal permission and revisioning out of the box.

Moving forward, the focus of the Drupal community will be on:

  • Making Drupal more secure
  • Easier and cheaper to maintian
  • Automated updates
  • Easy upgrade path for Drupal 9
  • Reduce cost of ownership for developers and site owners.

Interesting Developments

There were a couple of announcements at the Con that caught my attention:

  • One of the great initiatives taken by the Drupal Association is to build resource materials for Drupal community. The Drupal Pitch Deck is one of the prime examples of this. The deck brings together the most successful Drupal projects delivered by Drupal agencies across industries. The idea is to help any freelancer or company pitch Drupal to their clients and showcase some of the best known Drupal case studies. 
  • Another great announcement was around Drupal's partnership with gitlab. Going forward, this will soon allow module maintainers to use merge request, and inline editing via gitlab interface. So we won't need to host our modules on git hosting service any more, as it will be a part of Drupal.

  • The Drupal Association is also working closely with the Drupal security team on a program called Drupal Steward. This is designed to offer sites a form of mitigation through the implementation of web application firewall rules, to prevent mass exploitation of some highly critical vulnerabilities. One of the major pain points for big enterprises using Drupal is to plan their site's security releases whenever there is a crucial Drupal security release, due to timezone differences or other reasons. This program will help in mitigating the gap between Drupal security release and site update.

The focus on diversity

There was a distinct focus on supporting diversity within the Drupal community, and enabling individuals from under-represented groups to contribute to Drupal. True to that theme, about 50% of speakers at Drupalcon Seattle were from underrepresented groups.

More on Drupal 9

With the 2020 release date, Drupal 9 was obviously big at the Con. The complete timeline with D7 and D8 end-of-life and the D9 launch looks something like this:

drupal-8-timeline-april-2019-1280w (1)

The core concept of Drupal 9

Drupal 9 = Drupal 8.9 - deprecated Code + updated 3rd party dependencies.

Reasons for Drupal 9

Given the end-of-life and release timeline, here's what is being said as the best time to migrate to Drupal 9:

  • It’s better to migrate to Drupal 8 rather than waiting for Drupal 9
  • There is a significant change in code pattern and database structure from D7 to D8. But D8 and D9 are on the same track, and we expect no major migration path between D8 to D9 other than removing deprecated code.
  • We have one year for Drupal 9 to launch and that gives enough time for large enterprises to switch to D8 and test their applications.
  • That will allow site owners to experience the new initiatives Drupal 8 has brought in, and be prepared for D9.

Basically, if you are on D7, now's the time to start migrating.

Code Sprints

As a Drupal developer, the code sprints are probably the most exciting parts of DrupalCon. At Seattle, the Srijan team participated in the code sprint, working closely with Joël Pittet on Drupal 9 readiness issue list. We were able to patch 7 modules to take them a step closer to Drupal 9:

Going ahead, Srijan teams will be regularly contributing to Drupal 9, to make it more powerful for everyone. 

So that was my roundup from DrupalCon Seattle. Anything I missed?

Please let me know in the comments below your impressions from the Con, and if you would like to add some interesting perspectives to the road ahead for Drupal.

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From Drupal 9 to inclusive community - The DrupalCon Seattle #DriesNote RoundUp

Posted by Gaurav Mishra on Apr 11, 2019 2:36:00 PM

DrupalCon Seattle just got off to a great start with the customary State of Drupal address, or the #Driesnote, by Dries Buytaert. As always, this was a look at the bigger picture of what lies ahead for Drupal, both in terms of the code and the community.

Getting Ready for Drupal 9

One of the key highlights was the planned release of Drupal 9 in 2020.

 The major reasons for the launch of Drupal 9 were:

  • Increase performance, maintainability, and the developer experience, by eliminating deprecated code
  • Update 3rd-party dependencies for new improvements and security support

The fact that Drupal 9 will feel less like a major release overhauling everything, and more like smoothly upgrading to a better, more powerful Drupal core, was the central attraction for most Drupalers. As Dries pointed out, Drupal 9 will be more like a Drupal 8.9 release, without the deprecated code, and with updated third-party dependencies.

Because of this proposed seamless nature of the Drupal 9 launch, most Drupal users were advised to get on to Drupal 8 now. And then reap the benefits of a smooth migration to Drupal 9.

The upgrade path for users still on Drupal 7 was also clarified by Dries.

However, amidst all the hoopla around the release of Drupal 8.7 and Drupal 9, Dries also assured Drupal 7 users continued vendor support till at least 2024.

Other Highlights

Besides this, the other notable takeaways from the Driesnote were:

#1 Check your work for deprecated code and get rid of it. A lot of Drupal modules are all ready for Drupal 9, and it's best to use the updates ones.

#2 JSON API is now stable and included in Drupal core.

#3 Renewed focus on the automated updates issue, with the European open source community pledging to fund the progress

Inclusive and Diverse Community

The other important track in today's Driesnote was the focus on building a diverse and inclusive community. Yes, the Driesnote has always spoken about the power of the open source community, but the keynotes over DrupalCon Nashville in 2018 and at Seattle this year have outlined some concrete steps for the community. While last year was all about the community values and code of conduct, this year's message was focussed on diversity and inclusion.

There was also a call for Drupal agencies to create more opportunities for under-represented communities to contribute to Drupal.

Overall, the way ahead for Drupal remains exciting as ever, with the added challenge of building a more robust and diverse community. 

You can catch the complete #Driesnote here.

As every year, we are at DrupalCon Seattle, and ready to talk about all things Drupal and digital transformation.You can drop by our booth #710 and meet the team. We would love to hear about how your teams are pushing the boundaries of Drupal, and a chance to share some of our more interesting recent projects.

So what say? Grab a coffee with us at DrupalCon Seattle?

Put that in my calendar 

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#DCG19: From Goa, with Drupal!

Posted by Shadab Ashraf on Mar 28, 2019 5:55:00 PM

“India is the second top Drupal community contributor globally”, this sentiment echoed loud at DrupalCamp Goa 2019. The enthusiasm of the attendees was infectious.

DCG was a two day camp conducted on 2 - 3 Mar’19 at Goa University. The event proudly hosted 160+ attendees, 20+ sessions, keynotes and several workshops.

Let's look at what the camp enthralled...

The day started early at 9 AM with a welcome note from Parth and I. The story of evolution of Drupal, DrupalCamps and the community was discussed in detail. We also introduced the ‘mystery’ box which got people excited.

drupal-camp-goaP.S. - The ‘mystery box’ was an idea that consisted of picking lucky winners for numerous trainings, D.O. memberships, certifications and more.

This was followed with keynote session by Rachel Lawson, Community Liaison at Drupal Association. Rachel covered the challenges and solutions to bring the Indian Drupal community on the global map. The question of “if 13% of our code contributions come from India, do we have at least 13% of our group’s leadership represented by Indians and, if not, why not?” was addressed in detail. Other than diversity, Rachel also stressed upon how contributions to Drupal do not specifically revolve around coding and why non-code contributions are special. Find the full keynote here.

We then dispersed for a break. Beautiful conversations brewed over ‘chai’ in sunny Goa, where people enjoyed visiting some of our sponsor booths; namely, Srijan Technologies, Ameex Technologies & QED42 Engineering, to talk about Drupal and future of technology. Also, many took this opportunity to quench their thirst on the live coconut water station.

The camp moved on quickly with the second keynote session by Dan Venkatesan, CEO Ameex Technologies. Dan shared his experiences in running a Drupal company and discussed the evolution of Drupal while also pointing out the importance of talent, culture, and values. 

This gave way to a spree of sessions by the participants ranging from business & leadership, community, frontend, backend, CI/CD, and beyond Drupal. Also, in combination were two parallel workshops running throughout the day covering; PHP design patterns & DevOps.

After an action packed agenda of 13+ classroom sessions and workshops, we wrapped up Day 1 and attendees headed for the party at a cozy shack by the beach.

drupalcampgoa-afterpartyThe after-party, officially sponsored by Simba, had a session of its kind, where the people indulged in games, dance stand-offs, bonfire and lots of beer, of course. Did we forget to mention awesome food?

The final day had 8+ sessions lined up around application of emotional intelligence in Drupal, Drupal 8 test cases, getting ready for Drupal 9, voice search and much more. This was combined with 2 BoFs by Stephan Luckow & I and a full day Drupal codesprint.

Birds of a Feather session (or BOFs) for our enthusiastic audience was an informal gathering of like-minded individuals to discuss “what is stopping you in Drupal contributions?”.

Here’s a quick run down on the same.

  • The concerns weren't new:
    • Fear of failure/exposure
    • Lack of time
    • Problems in finding the "single point of entry" (in terms of documentation)
    • Faltering to the stereotypes such as "I am not a developer"
  • The answer, well, were simple: 
    • Getting more involved with the community
    • Asking others around you without being timid

The group came to a unanimous call that various things basic in nature can help mitigate this.  Organisations should encourage more contribution by running weekly/monthly code sprints at workplace, create a pool of mentor for better onboarding in the Drupal ecosystem and forge alliances to run more frequent camps/meet-ups nationwide. 

We closed the event by a thank you note by Rachel Lawson & I by handing over certificates of participation to all the attendees that were presented as a small token of tribute. The event was concluded with the final words from our advocate and event partner, Prof. Ramdas Karmali, from Goa University, with ‘Deu borem korum’ - thanking the attendees in the regional language of Goa, Konkani.

To sum it up, we were moved to see the passion and commitment received for #DCG19. DrupalCamps are special, as an organiser, sponsor and speaker, DCG remains one of the most exciting projects I was involved with.


                                                             (More visual treats here)

We are excited to return to Goa in the summer of 2020. Until next time!

Topics: Drupal, Community, Open Source Contributions

Srijan is a Bronze Sponsor at DrupalCon Seattle 2019

Posted by Shadab Ashraf on Mar 25, 2019 6:05:00 PM

It’s here, the first DrupalCon of the year! We are just weeks away from DrupalCon Seattle and can’t wait to dive into this celebration of code, community, and coffee.

Slated for 8th to 12th April 2019, DrupalCon Seattle will bring together Drupal developers and users from across the globe. Srijan is proud to be a Bronze and badge insert sponsor for the event.

The Srijan team at DrupalCon Seattle will have our CEO, Ashish Goyal, along with Gaurav Mishra, Business Head, North America, and Ishan Mahajan, Program Manager, US.

This year, Srijan will be showcasing a range of digital transformation solutions at the conference. This will include our:

  • Drupal capabilities - decoupled Drupal, multisite architecture, Drupal migrations, containerized hosting and more.

  • Proficiency with Acquia’s martech solutions - Lift and Journey

  • API management and developer portals

  • DevOps

  • AWS services - chatbots, machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing, and data science.

You can drop by our booth #710 and meet the team. We would love to hear about how your teams are pushing the boundaries of Drupal, and a chance to share some of our more interesting recent projects.

So what say? Grab a coffee with us at DrupalCon Seattle?

Put that in my calendar

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Acquia Engage APAC, 2019: Unravelling Digital Customer Experiences with Srijan

Posted by Gaurav Singh on Mar 5, 2019 5:58:00 PM

At Srijan, we are all about creating ambitious digital experiences. And we are always excited to share our insights and project learnings with rest of the community. This year’s Acquia Engage APAC brings us this opportunity and we are proud to announce that Srijan is sponsoring the Morning & Afternoon tea at Acquia Engage APAC, 2019.

The event brings together some of the brightest minds in digital transformation to share ideas, make connections, and inspire. This year, it is being held at The Glasshouse, Melbourne, Victoria on Thursday, 7th March, 2019.

Success in this digital age, requires a futuristic, and well planned strategy and hat is what the conference aims to drive. The Acquia Engage event allows industry leaders to share their insights and experiences, success and learnings, when it comes to delivering best-in-class digital experiences.

Srijan at Acquia Engage APAC

The Srijan team at Acquia Engage APAC will have technology experts and leaders with years of industry experience:

Ashish Goyal, CEO at Srijan, is an experienced technologist with a keen eye for applying emerging emerging technologies for better business outcomes. With over 20 years of experience across industries, Ashish leads Srijan’s endeavours into a new era of enabling digital transformation for enterprises.

Arijit Dutta, Technical Architect at SRIJAN, is a skilled IT professional with 7+ years of industry and technology experience. He leads Srijan’s operations in Australia across all service streams, and is an avid contributor to the Drupal community.

Gaurav Singh, Business Head - APAC, is tuned in to the evolving needs of the region’s enterprises. With keen business and technology acumen, he helps drive digital transformation for enterprises with robust and scalable solutions across Drupal, API Management and AWS capabilities.

So if you are attending Acquia Engage APAC, make sure to connect with the Srijan team. We would be delighted to learn about your work around creating digital experiences, and some of our insights with you.

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