Srijanites' sessions selected for DrupalCon Asia 2016!

Srijanites' sessions selected for DrupalCon Asia 2016!

author By Nilanjana Nov 27, 2015
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DrupalCon Asia sessions have been announced, and we are excited that three sessions will be presented by the folks at Srijan!

Since the announcement about DrupalCon coming to Mumbai, there has been a lot of buzz in our office. Srijan has always believed in contributing to the Drupal community. For every Drupal update/release, we have contributed both in terms of code, as well as mentoring code sprints. Srijanites have also been active at the different DrupalCons. We have been regulars at these global community events as sponsors and mentors. 

So, when the DrupalCon Asia session submissions were announced, folks here submitted their sessions with great enthusiasm. We are proud that three of our submissions have made it to the list of 50 sessions that will be presented at Mumbai.

Here are the three sessions that will be presented by our team members at DrupalCon Asia.

1. Data Science and Analytics in Drupal and Content Strategy: 

Obaid Malik will present a business session on how to harness the power of data science and analytics when there is enough content on your site. Obaid will explain how to use the data from your site to engage users with the help of examples. Here’s an overview of his session.


2. Starting a Drupal 8 Project? Let’s do a Technical Discovery: 

Drupal 8 has just launched, and there couldn’t have been a better time to present this session. Ravindra Singh and Shashank Merothiya will explain all you need to plan before starting a Drupal 8 project. Find out more about this session.

3. How to build a sustainable contribution culture in your organization: 

Ashish Thakur and Manjit Singh will talk about their leanings from Srijan on how to enable your team to contribute to the community. This session will have a lot of insights on the relation between community and organization. Read more about what you will learn from this session.


We hope you will be there to attend these and other amazing sessions that will be presented. You don’t need to worry about a thing, as you can pick a Srijan office to work from, and explore India while you are at it too!


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