Srijan is now an *Acquia Enterprise partner*!

Srijan is now an *Acquia Enterprise partner*!

author By Nilanjana Jan 4, 2012
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Srijan is now an Acquia Enterprise partner!

Given our recent work with Acquia on their client projects and closure of business for their managed hosting services, Acquia moved us up to Enterprise partner status.

This further validates Srijan's expertise and competence in development and delivery of high-visibility enterprise Drupal projects around the world.

Srijan is the only Acquia Enterprise partner from India.

Hard work and perseverance pays!

It's been 12+ years of sustained efforts at Srijan. We've seen several tech bubbles, a dot-com bust and two economic crises of horrific magnitudes. We've also been through several ups and downs internally, given the tough business climate in India. And yet we've grown through this all - grown in stature, branding, culture, competence and skills.

The Acquia Enterprise Partnership validates our growing recognition as one of the top open source companies in India, a mission we had set for ourselves several years back.

There are, however, many more milestones to push for, many dreams to pursue.


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