Srijan is a Gold Sponsor for Decoupled Drupal Days 2018

Srijan is a Gold Sponsor for Decoupled Drupal Days 2018

author By Nilanjana Aug 9, 2018
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At Srijan, we've always believed in giving back to the Drupal community. We continuously encourage our team to contribute code, modules, sponsor events and participate in meetups and forums across the world. This year has brought us yet another opportunity to sponsor a Drupal community event and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are proud to announce that Srijan is a Gold Sponsor for Decoupled Drupal Days, 2018.

About Decoupled Drupal Days

Decoupled Drupal Days (D3) gathers technologists, marketers and content professionals who build and use Drupal as a Content Service for other non-Drupal applications, decoupled front ends, content APIs, IoT devices, and more. It is a conference organised to bring together the people involved in implementing decoupled Drupal architecture - the site architects, developers and the business people.

After a successful debut in 2017, D3 is hosting its upcoming event in New York City, from 17th-19th August, 2018.

Srijanites at Decoupled Drupal Days

The event this year has four, very interesting sessions by Srijanites:

Introducing Bots as Human | Trilok Nagvenkar

17 August 2018 | Room: Therefore Interactive Room

Trilok will showcase his idea to demo AWS Lex interface along with the basic GUI,  that is responsible for answering the question over the web interface of the visitor on the fly. This can help minimize the overhead of the user for frequently navigating to various links, evolve the conversational interface to give more user-interest driven content.

Decoupling Drupal? Let’s Make an Educated Decision About the Best Approach | Yogendra Prasad + Surbhi Sriwal

18 August 2018 | Room: Therefore Interactive Room

Yogendra and Surbhi will be walking you through the various options - Coupled Drupal, Progressively Decoupled Drupal and Fully Decoupled Drupal, and talk about the essentials to keep in mind while deciding which is best for your project. This will enable one to make a best-fit decision, and give teams the ability to get used to architectural robustness provided by each approach.

Marrying Decoupled Drupal and a Global Learning Experience Platform | Danielle Maurici-Arnone (ELC) + Shashank Merothiya

17 August 2018 | Room: Aten Design Group Lecture Hall

Shashank, along with Danielle Arnon (Executive Director & Strategic Business Partner at ELC), will be sharing the decoupled, progressive, responsive & native interfaces of a Learning Experience platform.. They will also showcase a modular roadmap where concepts like AI-based micro-learning, Chatbots, AR/VR, Live Stream and Machine Learning Chatbots are being integrated.

New recipe of Decoupling : Drupal 8, Symfony and Slim Framework | Jyoti Singh

17 August 2018 | Room: Therefore Interactive Room

Jyoti will share her latest project experience that used a decoupled and dis-joint architecture solution, based on a three-tier architecture approach. The back-office operations, logical decisions, and frontend presentation layers were completely separate giving developers greater flexibility to innovate, and help site owners future-proof their builds by allowing them to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole CMS.

Also, apart from the session speakers, some of our team of technology and business consultants will also be at the event. So if you are around, we would love to meet you and discuss all things Drupal.

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P.S. If you haven't booked your tickets yet, register for Decoupled Drupal Days right away, and use the code summerofdecoupled, for some cool benefits.


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