Special Taxonomy Tagging: Extending the Core Taxonomy Module

Special Taxonomy Tagging: Extending the Core Taxonomy Module

author By Nilanjana Jul 15, 2015
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One of the bigger challenges in managing content for website is to connect, relate and classify its content. To solve this, we use Taxonomy, a practice of classifying content.  It enables and supports content management to drive metadata elements and vocabularies created for metatagging content. Thus, it effectively drives the present day requisites of external-facing features like navigation, search, and personalization.

At Srijan, we recently created the Special Taxonomy Tagging module. This module extends the functionality of the core Taxonomy module. It allows the user to add special taxonomy tagging with the Drupal taxonomy category page. With this module, a user can add a term name with respective vocabulary and as per the form configuration with special characters. It will then automatically link the category page, where all nodes associated with that term name will be displayed.

So let’s say there is one vocabulary called "Fashion catalog" and some terms of vocabulary like Tops, Lakme Fashion Week or Footwear, then content editor can type in one of the term names using a special character. This will create a page that lists all the links containing that term.

Special Taxonomy Tagging: Extending the Core Taxonomy Module

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