Python based Desktop Timesheet

Python based Desktop Timesheet

author By Nilanjana Dec 13, 2005
Python based Desktop Timesheet
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The Business Head of our R&D Unit, proposed the idea of having a session similar to Hackathons conducted by open-source geeks around the world, to attack a tough problem or ethically hack a new open-source product. A few people came forward, and discussed various areas of interest such as:

  • Integrate a specific Identity Management server with Typo3
  • Work with Oryx to create an enterprise-wide Email archiving solution for Thunderbird clients
  • Create a category-based Knowledge Management (KM) Wiki
  • Integrate vTiger/SugarCRM with Typo3

It was finally decided that we would create a desktop-based Time-Sheet management application written in Python (to make it platform-independent). This would:

  • give a new direction of personal growth to the volunteering open-source geeks among us
  • give a new business direction to Srijan in the area of Python-based desktop applications
  • help us have our own simple-to-use Time-sheet management application, which we all so badly needed

So, all official work stopped for a few days, for these volunteers, and night-and-day they worked on Python, to produce this time-sheet application, which we all have put to use in office now. We plan to release the source-code of this application to the community, and invite volunteers to help enhance and build this further. Who knows this may lead to building a an enterprise-wide Project Management application one day, with integrated desktop-based time-sheets. Any takers for our dreams?


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