Polly Voice-over for Web Recordings [Code]

Polly Voice-over for Web Recordings [Code]

author By Sanjay Rohila Jan 16, 2019
Polly Voice-over for Web Recordings [Code]
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When we are recording on a demo, sometimes we want to show textual information about what the user is doing or what happening in the background. But it will be more useful if we can put voice-over for that textual information.

Now one way is person recording video do the voice-over, but that is not like a professional voice-over. So the question was can we use Polly to do this, in the end, it's text-to-voice which is what Polly is built for. Turned out, we can very well do that.

I have written a small script which uses AWS javascript-SDK and takes cognito-pool-id and then provide API function which can be used to add text on any event or delayed timeOut as a voice-over.

This script has some configuration also, so you can change the color or caption (subtitle) we are adding and can change the voice to different Polly lexicons (Read more here)


Let's see the output of a demo (of the script itself) I have recorded:



Now you wish you can do these voice-overs in different language with fluent accent in each of them. worry not, This script has that part also, you can use translation also with voice-overs. Here is the video:




Go Ahead, have a look at https://github.com/crazyrohila/polly-voice-over and use it, tweak it as desired.


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