When we are recording on a demo, sometimes we want to show textual information about what the user is doing or what happening in the background. But it will be more useful if we can put voice-over for that textual information.

Now one way is person recording video do the voice-over, but that is not like a professional voice-over. So the question was can we use Polly to do this, in the end, it's text-to-voice which is what Polly is built for. Turned out, we can very well do that.

I have written a small script which uses AWS javascript-SDK and takes cognito-pool-id and then provide API function which can be used to add text on any event or delayed timeOut as a voice-over.

This script has some configuration also, so you can change the color or caption (subtitle) we are adding and can change the voice to different Polly lexicons (https://developer.amazon.com/docs/custom-skills/speech-synthesis-markup-language-ssml-reference.html#voice).

Let's see the output of a demo (of the script itself) I have recorded:



Now you wish you can do these voice-overs in different language with fluent accent in each of them. worry not, This script has that part also, you can use translation also with voice-overs. Here is the video:


 Go Ahead, have a look at https://github.com/crazyrohila/polly-voice-over and use it, tweak it as desired.

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