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Run your Drupal 40% cheaper
Expanding data landscape demands higher operational agility. Can Drupal-based enterprises balance growing infrastructure & unpredictable pricing models?

Technology , Drupal , AWS , Planet Drupal

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Drupal, Planet Drupal, Decoupled

Demystifying the Decoupled Architecture

In life, you can't choose to go headless. However, when it comes to your web technology, you can. here's everything to know about Decoupling.

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Marketing, Customer Experience

3 Ways to Create a Niche with your Customer Experience

Customer experience effectively defines an organisation. Read on to find out how it can help your organization thrive!

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Decoupled Drupal, Drupal, Planet Drupal

When is it a Good Idea to Decouple Drupal and Why?

Decoupling has its advantages and disadvantages but it can't be apt for every situation. Read when is it a good bet to decouple and why?

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Drupal, Marketing, Planet Drupal, Multilingual

Going Global: Leverage Multilingual SEO with Drupal 8

Enterprises often find themselves in a tough spot experimenting with tools wrapped in unfamiliar languages. Drupal helps you in the quest for multilingualism while keeping your SEO intact.

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Drupal, Drupal 8, Personalization, Planet Drupal

Smart Content Personalization Modules for your Drupal 8 Website

Here's a list of smart content personalization modules in Drupal 8 to overcome the challenges when creating personalized customer experiences.

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Drupal, Planet Drupal, Drupal 8.7

Layout Builder: A DIY Tool to Design a Website with Drupal 8

Layout Builder is empowering editors to build and modify custom pages with a drag-and-drop interface. Here's deep dive into how exactly to use this module.

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Drupal, Drupal 8, Enterprise Content Management, Planet Drupal, Security

The Modern Guide to Building the Right Content Strategy with Drupal

A comprehensive guide to building the right content strategy with Drupal which will help you build and establish the right notes with your audience.

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Drupal Upgrade, Drupal 8, Drupal 9, Planet Drupal

Site Owner’s Guide to a Smooth Drupal 9 Upgrade Experience

Upgrading from Drupal 8 to 9 is radically easier than migrating from 7 to 8. Here's how you can take care of the little some things as a Drupal site owner.

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Drupal, Planet Drupal, Accessibility, Web Accessibility

Drupal and Accessibility: Does the Community Stand by What it Preaches?

As an inclusive community, Drupal claims to be committed to web accessibility. A closer look at the recent controversies and Drupal's tools and features.

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Acquia certification, Drupal, Acquia

Global Leaders in Drupal Certification

Here's why digital agencies and organizations must encourage employees for certifications. And how do certifications impact the effectiveness of an organization?

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aws-lex, AWS, aws-assistants

Creating an Amazon Lex Bot with Facebook Messenger

A look at the step by step guide on creating an Amazon Lex bot with Facebook Messenger platform.

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Drupal 8, Planet Drupal, Drupal Update

Hello, Drupal 8.7! We've Been Expecting You

A quick and comprehensive guide to track what’s new in Drupal 8.7, what all to expect from Drupal 8.8 and the way to go ahead.

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Mobile Apps

Tutorial: Inspect your Mobile Apps with Appium Desktop & Macaca Inspector

Here’s a step-by-step guide to inspect mobile applications using Appium Desktop Inspector and Macaca Inspector

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Planet Drupal, Event

Revisiting DrupalCamp London 2019

We attended DrupalCamp London, a 3-day event celebrating the users, designers, developers and advocates of Drupal and its community! Here's what we think was awesome.

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Everything You Need to Know from DrupalCon Seattle 2019

A deep dive into all the key announcements from DrupalCon Seattle 2019, the changes set to happen in Drupal, the roadmap for Drupal 9, and what it will mean for Drupal developers.

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Multisite Architecture

Multisite architecture - Is it the right choice for your business?

Dive into the realms of what a multisite architecture is, and whether it is the right choice for your business.

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Drupal, Planet Drupal

Content Syndication, Staging, and Synchronization with Drupal

A look at how content staging, syndication and synchronization can ensure a smooth content creation and publishing process, made possible with the help of Drupal modules.

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CSS, Frontend

CSS Grid vs Flexbox - Which One Should You Opt For?

A quick comparison between CSS Grid and Flexbox, evaluating the abilities of each to help decide which one to opt for.

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Technology, Drupal

Drupal JavaScript and Admin UI Initiative: What is it about?

A look at the Drupal community’s approach towards developing a new initiative of improving Drupal JavaScript and Admin UI using React.

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#DCG19: From Goa, with Drupal!

DrupalCamp Goa 2019 was a vibrant chapter in the book of global DrupalCamps. More than 160 technocrats gathered at Goa University on 2 - 3 March, 2019 to learn more about Opensource technology,...

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