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Run your Drupal 40% cheaper
Expanding data landscape demands higher operational agility. Can Drupal-based enterprises balance growing infrastructure & unpredictable pricing models?

Technology , Drupal , AWS , Planet Drupal

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Website Security, Drupal, Planet Drupal, Decoupled, JavaScript & UI/UX

Drupal or AEM- Which One is Preferable for Enterprise Users?

Drupal and AEM both have great potential as WCMS. Choosing one can be difficult. So, here we have compiled the differences between these two-

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Blockchain, AR/VR, Healthcare & Life sciences

Harnessing Technology to Accelerate Transformation in Pharma Industry

Pharma companies are running hard to keep up with the changing digital trends in the sector. Here’s how they are blending with technology to match the pace

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12 Factor Apps and Their Benefits For Cloud Native Applications

What exactly are 12 factor apps & why do you need them? A closer look at what makes for great cloud-native apps-from codebase, config, dependencies & more

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Big Data, Practices, Data Engineering & Analytics

Preparing For A Data Lake Implementation

Once you decide to implement data lake, a strategy for a cohesive data infrastructure is crucial.

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Big Data, Data Engineering & Analytics

Data Lake Strategy:  6 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Implementation

Making these 6 critical mistakes w/ your data lake strategy? From not cataloging your data to bad governance, here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Customer Experience, Practices, Omnichannel, MarTech

Strategy For A Successful Digital Experience

With people shifting towards devices to connect with brands, companies need to strategize well to offer a successful digital experience.

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Drupal, Planet Drupal, Customer Experience, Agile, MarTech

Drupal is Here to Increase Your Marketing Agility

Drupal has the potential to help marketers in generating leads, increasing conversions, & overall business ROI. Check how they can leverage it-

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Planet Drupal

OpenSocial Bounty Winner from Srijan is All Set for DrupalCon Amsterdam 😃

Jyoti Singh, the winner of the DrupalCon Bounty from OpenSocial is all set for DrupalCon Amsterdam. Here's what she is most excited about.

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Drupal, AWS, Machine Learning & AI, Planet Drupal

Integrating Drupal with AWS Machine Learning

Read to know how AWS Machine Learning is impacting the future of websites and is benefiting the users through a seamless web experience.

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Angular JS, Drupal, Planet Drupal

My Experience with Progressive Decoupled Blocks

Decoupled Progressive Blocks - a Drupal module - allows rendering blocks in a decoupled architecture. Here's a developer's experience with the same.

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Technology, Chatbots, Strategy

Can Chatbots Reduce Infrastructure Cost?

With enterprises investing more in infrastructure, there's a need to outsource tasks to reduce the ever-increasing IT infrastructure cost.

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Srijan Drives Tree Plantation Initiative at DCD19

Srijan joined hands with Grow-Trees at DrupalCamp Delhi 2019 to carry out a tree plantation drive.

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Drupal, Planet Drupal

Your Step-by-Step Drupal Migration Guide

Read the comprehensive Drupal guide for a simplified upgrade path to Drupal 9.

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Drupal, AWS, Planet Drupal

5 Reasons To Consider Serverless AWS For Drupal

Read to know what benefits does AWS offer over others and why it's the best solution for hosting your Drupal websites.

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AWS, Media & Publishing

AWS - The Right Cloud for Media and Entertainment Workloads

Scalability, storage and security are the three major challenges of media and entertainment enterprises. Read to know how AWS is the one-stop solution to all their problems.

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Technology, Drupal, AWS, Planet Drupal

Run your Drupal 40% cheaper

Expanding data landscape demands higher operational agility. Can Drupal-based enterprises balance growing infrastructure & unpredictable pricing models?

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AR/VR, MarTech

Level Up your Beauty Brand with Augmented Reality

In the highly competitive beauty industry, it’s all about providing a new experience. Here’s why beauty brands must level up with augmented reality.

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Chatbots, Retail & Commerce, MarTech

Hey Commerce, we need to talk

User behaviour has evolved and is redefining the way they interact with businesses. Conversational commerce is a huge opportunity for e-commerce. Here's how.

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Product Management, API Management

Championing the Art of Managing API as a Product

To succeed in today’s competitive API economy, the enterprises are looking forward to recontextualizing the way APIs are treated and are managing them more like products.

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Life at Srijan

Kon'nichiwa Japan

After successfully making a mark in four continents with a team spread across 10 countries, we have forayed into another significant APAC country, Japan.

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