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IoT Implementation and Real-Time Data Monitoring with Cloud - A Demo
A basic understanding of IoT device communication and a step-wise guide to creating a simple web app to reflect data collected by IoT sensors.

Technology , IoT , demo

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aws, amazon-web-services, aws-polly, polly-voices, aws-translate

Polly Voice-over for Web Recordings [Code]

Leveraging Amazon Polly's text-to-voice capabilities for web recordings.

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aws, amazon-web-services, alexa, aws-assistants, alexa skills

How to Secure Alexa Account Linking

Enabling a secure custom Alexa account linking

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aws, amazon-web-services, aws-assistants, aws-s3, audio-streaming

How to Upload Audio Stream to Amazon S3

Uploading AWS live audio streaming to AWS S3 audio streaming using AWS SDK

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Culture, Workplace Culture

Hampi - A trip to remember

Hampi, a beautiful combination of surreal landscape, paddy fields and mystical structures.

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aws-lex, aws, amazon-web-services, lex-bot, aws-assistants

Lex - Lambda policy limitation [Solved]

How to solve Amazon Lex- Lambda policy limitations.

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aws, amazon-web-services, aws-polly, polly-voices, alexa, aws-assistants, voice-bots

Alexa skill  - Translation and Polly Voices (Lexicons)

Managing translation seems a bit easier than managing it in Lex. Amazon Alexa has language settings where we can have the same model in different languages. And the best part is based on the...

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aws, amazon-web-services, alexa, voice-bots, echo-show, alexa skills

The Listeners Alexa Skill -  Confirmation and Re-prompt

Handling re-prompt requests in the listeners Alexa skill using in-built Amazon intents, and re-prompt in Echo show display

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Test Automation, QA and Testing

Interactive and Detailed Automated Test Case Reports

A step-wise guide to create an interactive Extent HTML Reports, and deliver visually appealing and effective automation test reports.

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Website Design, Frontend, Design and UI/UX

Variable Fonts? Lets explore it

OpenType Variable Fonts in a browser: How is it different from other fonts, Using variable fonts - a comprehensive how to guide.

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Culture, Workplace Culture

A Trip to the City of Lakes

Recollecting the serene beauty of Udaipur, and glimpses of the Srijan team’s vacation at the City of Lakes.

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Acquia, Enterprise Content Management, Engage

Acquia Engage 2018 - A Journey by a WordPress Fan

Srijan was amongst Acquia Engage 2018's sponsors and it gave opportunity to Mayank, a long time WordPress enthusiast for enterprise to explore more on personalized content and Acquia's product line.

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aws, amazon-web-services, alexa, aws-assistants, voice-bots

Alexa Skill Directives and Managing Different Responses

How to implement Alexa skill directives, and managing skill responses, and codes for Echo and Echo Show.

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A Simple Guide to CSS Grid Layout

A look at CSS Grids and some of the basic functionalities that are possible with it.

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aws-lex, AI-bots, aws, amazon-web-services, alexa, aws-assistants, voice-bots

Amazon Alexa & Amazon Lex -  One Controller to Them Rule Both

How to use a single controller for Alexa and Lex, by dividing it into 3 Lambdas - Core Controller, Lex Application, Renderer, Alexa Renderer.

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Community, Enterprise Learning

Showcasing AI-Based Learning Systems at DemoFest, DevLearn 2018

This year, Srijan will be a part of the DemoFest at DevLearn 2018, showcasing the ambitious AI-BAsed Learning and Assessment System we are developing for Estee Lauder, and everything that it’s...

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Data Visualization, Tableau, Data Science

A Tableau Dashboard Lifecycle

Data dashboards offer single, comprehensive interface to track key KPIs. Here's a look at the steps involved in the creation of a Tableau dashboard - from requirement gathering, through development...

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Chatbots, aws-lex, AI-bots, aws, amazon-web-services, lex-bot

AWS Lex  - Cognito Auth and Translation

A deep dive into authentication, authorization, translation, and Amazon Lex' communications with APIs.

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Chatbots, aws-lex, AI-bots, aws, amazon-web-services, lex-bot, aws-translate, translation

Amazon Lex - Handlling Complex Workflows and Dynamic Slots

Amazon Lex is a chatbot framework which allows us to create conversational bot over voice and text.

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Sriram Sitaraman is among speakers at Nasscom Annual Technology Conference 2018

Technology has seen transformations since the late 1600s, which started with mechanical powered steam engines followed by assembly line transformation brought in by Henry Ford and Edison and then...

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Srijan sponsors Industry Day 2018

Industry Day 2018 is all geared up to host 1000+ technology enthusiasts to strengthen Industry-Academia collaborations.

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