Doing things the Srijan way

Doing things the Srijan way

author By Ashish Rao Apr 26, 2017
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It’s been four years at Srijan and I still remember my journey as an intern here. I realized what you are usually taught in MBA classes has a little to do with your work when you join an organisation. So I decided to talk about all thing that are slightly different at Srijan.

It’s never the conventional way 

When I joined Srijan, there was no HR department. It’s only later that I realized that my interviewer was from the sales team. I had dreamt of working with a big team but that was not meant to be. And for me it turned out to be a boon, because I got to experiment and learn things my way. 

People tell you that your internship is like your honeymoon period but it wasn’t in my case, and has never been for anyone who joins Srijan.  In an internship, you need to perform so that the company can retain you as a permanent associate. During my six months of internship, I never felt as if I am working as intern. What I learnt was, you need to be proactive and take up work on your own, rather than depending on someone. 

Evolving Responsibilities 

The advantage of being associated with a start-up is that you get to work on several different projects, and nothing is restricted as they don’t have siloed departments to start with. Initially, I carried out tasks like making salary slips, recruitment, appraisal, solving employee queries, handling employee insurance policies and employee engagement activities. But soon enough I was involved in designing the organizational set-up and culture. 

There was also great support from our CEO, Rahul Dewan, at each step of the process, be it appraisal, staffing, or organizational design. It's rare that the company CEO invests his time in every individual's growth, but at Srijan that’s an exception. 

What sets up apart is our flexible working environment. You are free to explore your skills and switch roles if you wish to. If someone feels they are doing good as a developer, but want to change track to sales, it’s possible. Srijan gives you the time to think about your evolving aspirations, and supports you while you switch roles.

Supporting Growth 

Our projects demand a lot of full stack developers, and we want them to be at the top of their game at all times. So we invest in providing trainings and certifications, and sponsoring them for the same, especially for QA and SM. We also make sure that people participate in the hackathons and coding sprints, to sharpen their skills. 

As we work with open source technologies, giving back to the community is a value we pride ourselves on. In our hiring process, we look for people who are willing to contribute to open source community projects. And even though we value technology skills, a person’s attitude, dedication, and willingness to learn can often outweigh their skills.

Lastly, the best thing about Srijan is that we understand our company goals and know how we can contribute towards it. We know where we want to be next year or in the next three years. That makes us an integral part of Srijan’s growth and we move forward so that we, as a team, can achieve our goals.  

Rewarding Excellence

The conventional wisdom in corporate culture is to use money as a motivator. They either give “Performer of the Month” titles or money as referral plans. 
To start with, I wondered why we weren’t following the same model?  After discussions with the senior staff at the organisation, I understood their thought behind not doing so. The simple reason was we cannot select a single performer from a team of performers. 

At Srijan, all our teams have more than one performer who exceeds expectations. To select one among them is very tough for the team heads.  So we decided to use rewards such as vouchers, or movie tickets in a referral. 

At Srijan, we constantly support our team’s growth and sponsor them for Acquia Certifications, and other learning programmes. Techies who pursue these programmes and come out with flying colours are congratulated with Raspberry pies(team favourites) and Kindles.

So it’s never choosing someone over others. It’s all about rewarding team-work, and individual drive to constantly better oneself.

If you want to become a part of our growth story, we can’t wait to welcome you at Srijan. We won’t take responsibility for your growth as we don’t believe spoon-feeding. But what we will do is constantly guide and support your growth, empowering you to achieve your goals. 


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