Srijan - A must join for the technology explorer

Srijan - A must join for the technology explorer

author By Deepshikha Singh Mar 30, 2017
Srijan - A Must Join for the Technology Explorer
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My journey with Srijan started on 10 Dec,2014 and since then, though with some hiccups, it has been a wonderful ride.

So, my journey started this way - I was looking for a change from my past organisation and got an offer from one of the good organisations located in Noida. It was the time to showcase my knowledge base for that company. So, I went there and tried exploring the company by speaking to a couple of people. I was satisfied with my decision of choosing that company.

Suddenly, the very next day, I received a call for an interview from one of the HRs of Srijan . Although I was not too interested, I agreed to get myself interviewed for the profile of an Automation Test engineer. My telephonic interview was scheduled for the following day at 1PM. I made myself available for the interview but to my disappointment, I didn’t receive any call for interview that day. This portrayed a negative impression about the company. I tried calling back but it was not answered. Thereafter, I got engaged with my work.

It was around 5 PM when I received a call from one of the QA persons for the interview. The person apologised to me for being late. The interview started with some basic questions with a gradual increase in the level of questions. I was comfortably answering the questions, when all of a sudden, the call got dropped off. I waited for the call but there was none. I called back again. The person who responded agreed to call back. But no call again.

Aaah! What was going on I wondered! By this time I went into more negativity about the company. I was continuously bombarded with thoughts of the company being irresponsible, least bothered etc. And I now had some strong points to not go ahead with this company.

Surprisingly, the next day, I received a call from one of the HRs. The first round of the interview was clear and they wanted to schedule my next round with the QA Lead. I replied, “Please make sure you guys call me on time.” She assured me that I would be getting the call at 3 PM.

Unlike the previous day, sharp at 3 PM, I got the call which was a turning point in my life. The interview lasted for around 1.5 hours. After my conversation with the interviewer, I became positive about the company. He gave me a strong reasons to give Srijan a try if I were selected. And finally, I received my offer letter within a week.

The point is, sometimes the good thing come late, and not in the way that you expect them to. The trick is to recognize a great opportunity when it knocks. And I am glad I got that right!

My first day at Srijan was great, getting to know the place and the people. Come Day 2, I was assigned a project where I had to single-handedly drive the test automation, gathering requirement, designing the framework, etc. But the good part was it was to be done in Selenium web driver, which was my forte. There was a time when I had to try out manual testing. I was least interested in that but managed to prove my capabilities.

Learning new things is a norm at Srijan. I got a chance to work out of the Srijan Goa office for two months and met a bunch of new people who expanded my knowledge base. Back in Delhi, got the chance to explore technologies and tools which were all Greek to me. There was Zephyr, Tarantula, PHP, Behat, Wraith, Jmeter, Loadstorm, Codeception, Galen; just to name a few. Every time I was asked to explore a new technology, I was worried if I would be able to prove myself and meet expectations. Gradually, my confidence grew and I was ready to learn any new technology.

Another highlight of my work at Srijan was attending DrupalCon Asia. To my shock and excitement, I was the only QA to be selected for the Con and it was a big deal for me. There I got the chance to meet Seta Shahi, our QA Lead, to whom I owe a large part what I have achieved at Srijan so far. She has always been just a phone call away, ready to help whenever I was stuck on a project. We talked shop for sometime and was encouraged with positivity.

After DrupalCon, I also got the chance to attend the Global Selenium Conference after a few days. And finally, I took a trip to Australia for a month, on a client project. It was like a dream come true. I have gotten so many opportunities for growth at Srijan that I could not have asked for anything better.

The best part of Srijan is its work culture. You are given the flexibility to explore the technology of your choice and do something fruitful with it, rather than imposing something. Everyone here is ready to extend a helping hand, irrespective of whether it’s a personal or professional problem.

I must say, if you have got the hunger to learn and explore new things, Srijan is the best place to be. It is one of those few organisations where your opinions are heard and valued. Moreover, there are a plenty of marvelous people who always enlighten me with their positive thoughts and deep knowledge. It’s been more than 2 years working at Srijan and believe me, each day here is a new challenge which pushes you to learn new skills and widen your horizons.

So, if you get a chance to work with Srijan, please don’t miss it. It would surely be one of the best experiences of your professional career.

May the force be with us!!


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