Estimation: From Waterfall to Agile

Estimation: From Waterfall to Agile

author By Nilanjana Sep 23, 2015
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At Srijan, we transformed our methodologies from a classic waterfall approach to semi agile process, and now we are implementing a full-on agile Scrum inspired approach to work on Drupal projects. In the ongoing DrupalCon Barcelona, there was a session on Waterfall and Agile.

Agile for clients who still don't understand the concept.


Presenters of the Session.


Interestingly @adaptdk used the very same example that I had given in my talk at DrupalCamp Australia!

Don't build a Car at once, build a shippable product every sprint. Start with a unicycle and achieve the car


Manauwar from our team also shared a tid-bit on Agile.


Waterfall model means the client is going to pay for features that he might not even use - A valid point which I also used in my talk.


Sprint Planning is a good time to do and review the estimates.

Talk in terms of Story Points. Atleast for the Stories!


However there are times when you might not want to try Agile.

    • You don't have a mature team.
    • The project is very small.

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