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#DCD19: A True Summer Delight!

Posted by Shadab Ashraf on Jun 23, 2019 4:46:00 PM

Truly, madly, deeply...Dilli ke hain Drupal wale!

The summer of 2019 gave a reason for the Delhiites to rejoice. This time as one of the most conspicuous open source technology events of India, DrupalCamp was back after a sabbatical of two years, in Delhi.

DrupalCamp Delhi was a two-day conference that happened on 15-16 June at JNU Convention Centre. The event proudly hosted 350+ people, 20+ sessions, 7+ Founders speakers, and 3 trainings and a Drupal contribution sprint. Sponsored by 7 top Drupal companies across India and partnered by 10 technology/open source communities, DCD had some power packed Drupal talks by the brightest minds in Drupal and in India.

As an insignia of community inclusiveness, it had the presence of specially-abled artists from KPCT Foundation.



Participants appreciated the spectacular paintings by specially abled people from Kalpana Charitable Trust (KPCT)

We started with the prenote where we introduced DrupalCamp Delhi and discussed the flow of event. More importantly, we threw light on the very beginning of Drupal, the first Drupal event in Antwerp and how DrupalCamp community has grown to 1.3 million people globally.

Following this, the Keynote was delivered by Sudhanshu Mani, the man behind the conceptualization, engineering and manufacturing of India’s first engineless train, Train18.



He enthralled the audience by sharing his journey (talking about culture, structure and processes) as the General Manager of the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) and some to-the-point Shayari.

Day 1 witnessed a total of 18 sessions ranging from business & leadership, community, frontend & web design, coding & development, CI/CD & QA automation, beyond Drupal and case studies. People loved the session by Mathieu Spillebeen on - Frontend United: The energy of the people- which also took the audience by surprise since it was a virtual session. The attendees participated throughout by asking questions through the online platform, Slido.


Mathieu Spillebeen in action

Another notable event in the camp was the launch of Drupal India Association (DIA), by Shyamala Rajaram, a local chapter for Drupalites to contribute in India.

drupal-india-association-srijanThe official launch of DIA

At Birds of a Feather (BOF), we discussed the reasons for the inability to contribute to the community and what should be the action plan. Participants didn’t shy away from stating that it was the lack of exposure, mentorship and time which was holding them to contribute effectively.

Two parallel workshops were also running throughout the day for - beginners in Drupal and content writers.

Day 2 was filled with sessions, contribution workshops on Drupal and Gatsby, BoF, and Trivia Night. The day gave way to camp’s second keynote speaker Prashant Singh, VP - Product Management PayTM, take the podium to talk about the importance of technology in building a better track for India.



Prashant Singh, VP - Product Management PayTM talking about the importance of technology in building a better India

The Contribution Sprint by Axelerant let people know how and why is it important for them to contribute to Drupal as much as possible. The two-hour-long contribution sprint, which was guided by mentors, saw people from coding as well as non-coding backgrounds joining to network with peers.

The event wrapped up with Drupal Trivia, which kept the audience engaged with some mind-boggling Drupal questions. It was adorable to see two cute kids join as co-hosts, to Tanisha and Akanksha, and were adamant to share no clue when asked for one! The winners of the evening were announced and team Srijan won by answering maximum questions right.


Team Srijan with hosts and the prize

#DCD19 remains special to my heart, for being able to carry out the whole thing successfully, whilst bringing in new set of volunteers to contribute, and for receiving a special note of appreciation from Shyamala Rajaram, Director and Co-founder Unimity Solutions.



Community events fuelled by passion, such as DCD, are always special. Here’s why:


For professionals, organisations and students, this is the best way to learn and reinforce your commitment to Drupal. These events create leaders, showcase the importance of non-code contributions and help us in propagating Drupal around the globe. DrupalCamp Delhi would be bigger and better in 2020. Would you be with us?

Time for a groupfie!


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#DCG19: From Goa, with Drupal!

Posted by Shadab Ashraf on Mar 28, 2019 5:55:00 PM

“India is the second top Drupal community contributor globally”, this sentiment echoed loud at DrupalCamp Goa 2019. The enthusiasm of the attendees was infectious.

DCG was a two day camp conducted on 2 - 3 Mar’19 at Goa University. The event proudly hosted 160+ attendees, 20+ sessions, keynotes and several workshops.

Let's look at what the camp enthralled...

The day started early at 9 AM with a welcome note from Parth and I. The story of evolution of Drupal, DrupalCamps and the community was discussed in detail. We also introduced the ‘mystery’ box which got people excited.

drupal-camp-goaP.S. - The ‘mystery box’ was an idea that consisted of picking lucky winners for numerous trainings, D.O. memberships, certifications and more.

This was followed with keynote session by Rachel Lawson, Community Liaison at Drupal Association. Rachel covered the challenges and solutions to bring the Indian Drupal community on the global map. The question of “if 13% of our code contributions come from India, do we have at least 13% of our group’s leadership represented by Indians and, if not, why not?” was addressed in detail. Other than diversity, Rachel also stressed upon how contributions to Drupal do not specifically revolve around coding and why non-code contributions are special. Find the full keynote here.

We then dispersed for a break. Beautiful conversations brewed over ‘chai’ in sunny Goa, where people enjoyed visiting some of our sponsor booths; namely, Srijan Technologies, Ameex Technologies & QED42 Engineering, to talk about Drupal and future of technology. Also, many took this opportunity to quench their thirst on the live coconut water station.

The camp moved on quickly with the second keynote session by Dan Venkatesan, CEO Ameex Technologies. Dan shared his experiences in running a Drupal company and discussed the evolution of Drupal while also pointing out the importance of talent, culture, and values. 

This gave way to a spree of sessions by the participants ranging from business & leadership, community, frontend, backend, CI/CD, and beyond Drupal. Also, in combination were two parallel workshops running throughout the day covering; PHP design patterns & DevOps.

After an action packed agenda of 13+ classroom sessions and workshops, we wrapped up Day 1 and attendees headed for the party at a cozy shack by the beach.

drupalcampgoa-afterpartyThe after-party, officially sponsored by Simba, had a session of its kind, where the people indulged in games, dance stand-offs, bonfire and lots of beer, of course. Did we forget to mention awesome food?

The final day had 8+ sessions lined up around application of emotional intelligence in Drupal, Drupal 8 test cases, getting ready for Drupal 9, voice search and much more. This was combined with 2 BoFs by Stephan Luckow & I and a full day Drupal codesprint.

Birds of a Feather session (or BOFs) for our enthusiastic audience was an informal gathering of like-minded individuals to discuss “what is stopping you in Drupal contributions?”.

Here’s a quick run down on the same.

  • The concerns weren't new:
    • Fear of failure/exposure
    • Lack of time
    • Problems in finding the "single point of entry" (in terms of documentation)
    • Faltering to the stereotypes such as "I am not a developer"
  • The answer, well, were simple: 
    • Getting more involved with the community
    • Asking others around you without being timid

The group came to a unanimous call that various things basic in nature can help mitigate this.  Organisations should encourage more contribution by running weekly/monthly code sprints at workplace, create a pool of mentor for better onboarding in the Drupal ecosystem and forge alliances to run more frequent camps/meet-ups nationwide. 

We closed the event by a thank you note by Rachel Lawson & I by handing over certificates of participation to all the attendees that were presented as a small token of tribute. The event was concluded with the final words from our advocate and event partner, Prof. Ramdas Karmali, from Goa University, with ‘Deu borem korum’ - thanking the attendees in the regional language of Goa, Konkani.

To sum it up, we were moved to see the passion and commitment received for #DCG19. DrupalCamps are special, as an organiser, sponsor and speaker, DCG remains one of the most exciting projects I was involved with.


                                                             (More visual treats here)

We are excited to return to Goa in the summer of 2020. Until next time!

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Srijan is a Bronze Sponsor at DrupalCon Seattle 2019

Posted by Shadab Ashraf on Mar 25, 2019 6:05:00 PM

It’s here, the first DrupalCon of the year! We are just weeks away from DrupalCon Seattle and can’t wait to dive into this celebration of code, community, and coffee.

Slated for 8th to 12th April 2019, DrupalCon Seattle will bring together Drupal developers and users from across the globe. Srijan is proud to be a Bronze and badge insert sponsor for the event.

The Srijan team at DrupalCon Seattle will have our CEO, Ashish Goyal, along with Gaurav Mishra, Business Head, North America, and Ishan Mahajan, Program Manager, US.

This year, Srijan will be showcasing a range of digital transformation solutions at the conference. This will include our:

  • Drupal capabilities - decoupled Drupal, multisite architecture, Drupal migrations, containerized hosting and more.

  • Proficiency with Acquia’s martech solutions - Lift and Journey

  • API management and developer portals

  • DevOps

  • AWS services - chatbots, machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing, and data science.

You can drop by our booth #710 and meet the team. We would love to hear about how your teams are pushing the boundaries of Drupal, and a chance to share some of our more interesting recent projects.

So what say? Grab a coffee with us at DrupalCon Seattle?

Put that in my calendar

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Srijan Sponsors CxO Day at DrupalCamp London, 2019

Posted by Shadab Ashraf on Feb 26, 2019 6:23:00 PM

We are excited to kick off the year with another set of Drupal events in our calendar, starting with DrupalCamp London. While we sponsor several Drupal events, this one is rather special since Srijan is sponsoring the CxO Day at DrupalCamp London, 2019.

About DrupalCamp London

DrupalCamp London brings together hundreds of people from around the world who use, develop, design and support the Drupal platform. This year 500+ Drupalers will be attending the event being held in City, University of London from 1st - 3rd March, 2019.

The CxO Day, slated for 1st March 2019, is primarily aimed at business leaders who provide or make use of Drupal services. The networking event will have several speakers sharing their experiences and insights around working with Drupal and Open Source technologies.

Srijanites at DrupalCamp London

We are proud to share that two expert Srijanites will also be presenting sessions at the event.

CSS battle - Flexbox Vs Grid | Surbhi Gupta, Drupal Front End Developer

Surbhi will be exploring one of the most common questions faced by front end developers: Flexbox Vs Grid. She will showcase various aspects of this scenario - providing a better understanding of the two and highlighting the differences. She will also provide use cases of when to use one over the other, and effective layouts for combining the two.

Reusing Components between Angular, React, Vue and Web-Components | Tarun Sharma, Tech Lead

Tarun will be providing insights into components creation for Angular, React, Vue and web components framework, and how to reuse it. For anyone attending this session, key takeaways would be:

  • How to write web components in different framework

  • How to make a component library and publish it

Besides this, Rajat Lal, Business Head at Srijan, will be at the event to interact with the community about diverse Drupal innovations, challenges, and solutions that the Srijan team is working on.

So if you are attending DrupalCamp London, make sure to drop by the Srijan booth. We would be delighted to understand how your enterprise uses Drupal, and identify new possibilities for collaboration.

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