Anil Saini earns the title of Data Monarch in the Tableau community

Anil Saini earns the title of Data Monarch in the Tableau community

author By Anil Saini May 22, 2018
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“The best way to learn is to learn from people, and the best place to learn is to learn from, the community.” – Anil Kumar Saini

The Tableau Community is a large,  flourishing community and has over 1,50,000 passionate users.  It is a platform where you can find solutions to your problems and share your ideas with other community members. It helps you meet a lot of like-minded people and connect with online as well as local user groups. You can also browse through the most active threads in the forum and also be a voice to a future Tableau product.

When I joined Srijan in 2017, I was fortunate to get started on Cassandra. It was a challenge for me to connect Tableau with Cassandra. But the support from the community helped me in getting all my issues resolved. The help and support that I received, intrigued me to explore more about the Tableau community and I began participating in resolving other people’s problems. Working in the community helped me learn and grow. Within a few months, I was able to use my learnings to implement different business ideas and get the best out of this product.

Being an active member, I started connecting with other active users on Tableau. Whenever I had a query, the community would help me by providing detailed explanations. On the other hand, I would eagerly solve problems for the community. I had two simple strategies:
To seek help from the community if I was not able to solve my issues on my own, and
To utilize my free time by providing help to others in the community
Unknowingly, these strategies proved to be a boon for me and helped me grow both mentally and technically. It helped me contribute a lot to the community.

And to my great surprise, on May 10, 2018, I earned the highest reputation as a Data Monarch and jumped to the 18th position in the Tableau Community Leaderboard- Rolling 12 months. I had also secured an overall 77th rank amongst 1,50,000 Tableau community users due to my active involvement in the community!

The title of the fastest Data Monarch has earned me the recognition that makes me feel that I have succeeded in becoming an integral part of this community. 

Srijan Anil Saini Tableau Data Monarch

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