Determining the Best Hosting Provider for your Drupal Website

5 Handy Tips To Help Marketers with Design Thinking

Why Content Strategists Should Spend More Time On Client Communications

4 Easy Steps to Implement SSO on your Drupal Website

Step-by-Step Guide to Create PWA with React in Drupal 8

The Fundamentals of Caching in Drupal 8

Prepping Up For Apigee Developer Portal Migration To Drupal 8

Amazon Sagemaker: What, Why and How

Drupal 2020 - What to Expect

Empowering E-commerce Sites with Drupal Solutions to Boost Conversions

Customized Progressive Web Apps Solution With Drupal

Digital Transformation Underpins Your Digital Customer Experience. Here's How

Drupal 8 Image Optimization Modules To Scale Your User Experience

A Beginner’s Guide to Psychology Principles in UX Design

How Blockchain Technology Can Change Security Landscape in BFSI Sector

Why Should Your Organization Opt for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Balancing Personalization and Brand Consistency With Drupal

5 Enterprise Customer Experience Challenges & How To Solve Them

Understanding The Project Discovery Process at Srijan

Get Personal With Customers Through Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Do away with Security Risk Through AppSec Shift-Left Approach

Setup React App From Square One Without Using Create-React-App

AWS Glue: Simple, Flexible, and Cost-effective ETL For Your Enterprise

Should Your Enterprise Go For a Headless Commerce Architecture?

Avoiding Common Pitfalls During Vendor Selection

3 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid While Migrating To Cloud

Open API Economy - Right Time For Banks To Flourish

Create Once Publish Everywhere with Drupal

Integrating Marketing Automation With Drupal Can Drive Faster Response Time To Customers

Delivering CaaS with Acquia Content Cloud

Refactoring applications for cloud migration: What, when and how

Essential Drupal SEO Modules to Boost Traffic On Your Website

Embrace These 6 Technology Trends to Level Up Your Game in FinTech Industry

Why Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the answer to high-performance hosting

Empowering FinTech Space With Drupal Modules & Distributions

When content tagging is not a part of your strategy, you lose

Adding Tags With Drupal Taxonomy in 9 Steps

Introducing Drupal as Content-as-a-Service (CaaS)

5 smart content management solutions for marketers on Drupal

Headless Drupal - What it means for marketers

What’s New in Drupal 9 and Why Do You Need To Upgrade

Cloud migration paths - Which ones should you choose?

Advanced enterprise applications for computer vision

Exploring How AWS Serverless Web Apps Work

Open-source vs Proprietary Software - Which One Is More Secure?

8 Best Practices To Keep in Mind While Building Data Lake

New Retail Landscape: Aligning Trade with Customer Experience

Rolling out API Monetization for a Philippines Telecom Giant with Drupal-APIGEE

Drupal or AEM- Which One is Preferable for Enterprise Users?

12 Factor Apps and Their Benefits For Cloud Native Applications

Harnessing Technology to Accelerate Transformation in Pharma Industry

Delivering software that evolves business outcomes

Data Lake Strategy:  6 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Implementation

Preparing For A Data Lake Implementation

Setting up a Data Lake architecture with AWS

Strategy For A Successful Digital Experience

OpenSocial Bounty Winner from Srijan is All Set for DrupalCon Amsterdam 😃

Building bots with Amazon Lex is the right solution for your business

Drupal is Here to Increase Your Marketing Agility

Integrating Drupal with AWS Machine Learning

My Experience with Progressive Decoupled Blocks

3 Key challenges to AI adoption and how to solve them

Can Chatbots Reduce Infrastructure Cost?

Powering the telecom transformation with APIs

Srijan Drives Tree Plantation Initiative at DCD19

Your Step-by-Step Drupal Migration Guide

5 Reasons To Consider Serverless AWS For Drupal

AWS - The Right Cloud for Media and Entertainment Workloads

How to conduct AWS cost optimization of your workload

Run your Drupal 40% cheaper

Why should enterprises go for a hybrid cloud strategy?

Why building bots with Amazon Lex gives best ROI

Level Up your Beauty Brand with Augmented Reality

Hey Commerce, we need to talk

Event Sourcing Microservices and Deploying with Docker

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse: Do you need both?

Championing the Art of Managing API as a Product

4 Advantages to building cloud native applications with AWS

Kon'nichiwa Japan

Understanding Cloud Native Applications - What, Why, How

Why Decoupling Drupal with GatsbyJS is a Great Choice

5 Questions To Ask To Win Your Mobile Strategy

One Retail Travel Outlet Turned Planning into Utility

Embracing API-First Approach To Empower Developers

A Weekend at My First DrupalCamp

Next Steps to Securing your Apigee Drupal 7 Developer Portal

DIY Bot platforms or build Bots from scratch - What to choose for Your Enterprise?

4 Reasons why travel Marketers need to focus on SEO

Solving Traffic Problem with Kubernetes [Hypothesis]

Should You Migrate Your Developer Portal To Drupal 8?

How Beauty Brands can use Drupal to Drive Engagement with Virtual Try-on

#DCD19: A True Summer Delight!

Shaping the future of Beauty Brands with Augmented Reality

Customer Experience is Your Defining Micro moment. Brace Yourself

Data Lake Implementation - Expected Stages and Key Considerations

3 Ways to Create a Niche with your Customer Experience

Demystifying the Decoupled Architecture

Make your Travel Business a Global phenomenon with Drupal

When is it a Good Idea to Decouple Drupal and Why?

Going Global: Leverage Multilingual SEO with Drupal 8

Can CIOs manage Digital Transformation while cutting costs?

What is a Data Lake - The basics

Smart Content Personalization Modules for your Drupal 8 Website

Layout Builder: A DIY Tool to Design a Website with Drupal 8

The Modern Guide to Building the Right Content Strategy with Drupal

Site Owner’s Guide to a Smooth Drupal 9 Upgrade Experience

Drupal and Accessibility: Does the Community Stand by What it Preaches?

Progressively Decoupled or Fully Decoupled: Which one should you choose?

Global Leaders in Drupal Certification

Creating an Amazon Lex Bot with Facebook Messenger

Hello, Drupal 8.7! We've Been Expecting You

Tutorial: Inspect your Mobile Apps with Appium Desktop & Macaca Inspector

Acquia Lightning - What, Why & How

Revisiting DrupalCamp London 2019

Everything you need to know from DrupalCon Seattle 2019

From Drupal 9 to inclusive community - The DrupalCon Seattle #DriesNote RoundUp

Multisite architecture - Is it the right choice for your business?

CSS Grid vs Flexbox - Which One Should You Opt For?

Content Syndication, Staging, and Synchronization with Drupal

Leveraging AWS Solutions to solve High-Value Enterprise Challenges

#DCG19: From Goa, with Drupal!

API Automation using Postman

Srijan is a Bronze Sponsor at DrupalCon Seattle 2019

Why enterprise applications need a Service Mesh Architecture

Best Practices for Security in Drupal Website

Leveraging Drupal to Create Powerful Content Authoring Experiences

18 Drupal Security Modules You Need to Start Using for Your Site

Acquia Engage APAC, 2019: Unravelling Digital Customer Experiences with Srijan

Amazon Lex and the possibilities it holds for Enterprises

Manual API Testing using Postman for Beginners

Srijan is Gold Sponsor for DrupalCamp Goa

Srijan Sponsors CxO Day at DrupalCamp London, 2019

How We Built an Intelligent Automation Solution for KYC Validation

Understanding Data Engineering - Part 1

Future of Drupal: 7, 8 or just Drupal 9?

Why Fortune 500 Companies Use Drupal

APL: Alexa Presentation Language-basics

Solving Alexa’s Accent Understanding Challenge, using Scalar Vector Machines

Understanding Content Personalization with Acquia Lift

Polly Voice-over for Web Recordings [Code]

5 key technology pre-requisites to deliver advanced personalization

How to Upload Audio Stream to Amazon S3

How to Secure Alexa Account Linking

Hampi - A trip to remember

How Telecom Enterprises can leverage APIs to create new revenue streams

Drupal 9: What’s in store and how that impacts Drupal users

Alexa skill  - Translation and Polly Voices (Lexicons)

Lex - Lambda policy limitation [Solved]

The Listeners Alexa Skill -  Confirmation and Re-prompt

Variable Fonts? Lets explore it

Interactive and Detailed Automated Test Case Reports

A Trip to the City of Lakes

How to design an optimal Microservice Architecture

Acquia Engage 2018 - A Journey by a WordPress Fan

Alexa Skill Directives and Managing Different Responses

A Simple Guide to CSS Grid Layout

Adobe Acquires Magento: How That Impacts the Drupal Commerce vs Magento Choice

Amazon Alexa & Amazon Lex -  One Controller to Rule Them Both

Drupal Cache

How are enterprises leveraging Chatbots for their business

Showcasing AI-Based Learning Systems at DemoFest, DevLearn 2018

A Tableau Dashboard Lifecycle

AWS Lex  - Cognito Auth and Translation

When Is The Right Time For Microservices

Amazon Lex - Handlling Complex Workflows and Dynamic Slots

Sriram Sitaraman is among speakers at Nasscom Annual Technology Conference 2018

The Basics of Voice Search Optimization

IoT implementation and real-time data monitoring with cloud - a demo

Srijan sponsors Industry Day 2018

Ensuring Vendor Diversity - Why Enterprises should work with small IT vendors

xAPI: Toward ROI of Enterprise learning & development

Break It Down: The Advantages of Microservices

Enterprise Learning Management System - The possibilities

Owning Amazon Alexa skills: Is your Enterprise keeping up?

Srijan sponsors ReactFoo 2018

How to display a custom form mode in Drupal 8?

Is Decoupled Drupal architecture the right choice for your project?

Srijan is a Silver Sponsor for Drupal Europe 2018

Srijan is a Gold Sponsor for Decoupled Drupal Days 2018

Srijan is now an AWS Consulting Partner

Why Voice technology is the next big thing for media Enterprises

4 Things to get right with your Travel Chatbot

Component based development: Why that’s the way to go for media Enterprises

Anil Saini earns the title of Data Monarch in the Tableau community

DrupalCamp London: An experience to remember

An introduction to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Let’s take the best route - Exploring Drupal 8 routing system

Pushing limits: The Tuffman Ultra experience

Enterprise Chatbots: The possibilities beyond customer service

Being Gold Sponsors for DrupalCamp Manila

Getting ready for DrupalCamp Mumbai

The first steps to adopting Robotic Process Automation for your Enterprise

DrupalCon Nashville 2018: Taking Drupal to the next level

Introduction to Nightwatch JS

Edge computing for IoT : what, why, & how

Sponsoring Drupal Camp Goa, 2018!

Automated Conversational Interfaces: The dawn of a new era in Artificial Intelligence

Srijan sponsors DrupalCamp London

How Edge Computing for IoT is set to impact Businesses

Data Visualization Dashboards - A must have for lean enterprises

How Travel Enterprises can drive higher conversions with enhanced Digital Customer Experience

Drupal: Powering more than just websites

IoT Trends and Expectations: 2018

The silver lining: GDPR as an opportunity for enterprises

How to measure the progress of a Kanban project

Why you need a DevOps Audit

How to follow the Kanban process for software development using JIRA

How to chalk out your Enterprise DevOps adoption strategy

An intro to OWASP Zed Attack Proxy

Google Developer Days 2017: Highlights

GDPR and how it impacts global enterprises

How DevOps solves the challenges faced by siloed teams

API Developer Portal: The key API onboarding platform

What do you need for a successful API business?

Testing with Emulator: A step-wise guide

Drag-&-Drop Custom Layout Builder

DrupalCon Vienna: An amazing learning experience

Building a code review process that works

How to Send Dynamic Auth Request with Postman in Drupal REST

Redefining the Travel Industry: Internet of Things

The key elements of a High-Performing DevOps methodology

Flight Centre outsources part of its Drupal development to Srijan

Why Enterprises need an API-first strategy

What is PhantomJS

Upcoming Drupal events in 2017

Automated Accessibility Testing with A11ym

Keeping it clean: Coding standards that matter

Best tools for mobile test automation

Galen vs Wraith: Comparing automated regression testing tools?

The basic mobile testing checklist

Doing things the Srijan way

The basics of Jenkins

Choosing the right JavaScript framework in 2017

Data, Power, & Decisions: Data Visualization Meetup at Srijan

Drupal Global Training Day in Japan

Srijan - A must join for the technology explorer

An Introduction to Selenium

What's the best CMS for your enterprise?

Integrating Camunda with Drupal: Why and how

Why Srijan Technologies?

Why should I migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8?

The values I learnt at Srijan

Everything happens for a reason: How I landed at Srijan

Business Process Management with the Camunda Workflow Engine

Drupal 8 as a Media CMS in 2017 and beyond

Domain Access Module: When and how to use it best

Visual Regression with Galen

Data Visualization: Exploring female life expectancy in India

Accessibility Part 1: Designing with empathy for better accessibility

A DIY Drupal Audit

An introduction to Drupal 8 Twig, at DCD 2016

A step-wise guide to starting with ChimpJS

Behat: Introduction & installation

Drupal website personalization with SharpSpring

Behat testing for an Insurance company

Distributed Agile best practices: An expert round-up

Resolving challenges in a distributed Scrum model

Integrate your Drupal website with CRM applications for better customer engagement

Why Enterprises need distributed Scrum teams

6 Agile Coaches' Take on Transitioning Your Enterprise to Agile

Making Docker Compose work with Drupal

Wireframes: The what, why and how

Docker: A microcontainer for faster software workflows

Smoothly Migrate your Enterprise CMS to Drupal using JSON API

Hindi translation for Drupal Console

Using Ruby on Rails for Single Sign-On across multiple applications

BigPipe: Solving caching issues for content personalization

Improving Content Strategy through Drupal and Adobe Analytics integration

B2B content personalization: What’s the future?

Data quality control using validation workflow in Akeneo PIM

Import and export product information with Akeneo's Connectors

How to manage your product assets in Akeneo PIM

Six easy pieces of new frontend development

The way forward with Drupal 8: DriesNote, DrupalCon NOLA

What's with the Pre-Notes at DrupalCon?

Continuous development: ensuring dedicated support & maintenance on flexible budgets

My HighChart server

BigPipe caching: Making web 2x faster

What are the Drupal 8 new features?

Insights & inspiration from RubyConf India, 2016

How to Parse JSON Data from a REST API using simple JSON Library

How Drupal Salesforce integration helped TUI track transactions and queries

Headless Automation with Selenium + PhantomJS

Kickstarting engaging Drupal Workshops for Colleges

First Agile and Scrum Meetup at Srijan Goa

REST API and its utility in real Web Applications

Why should you opt for Automated Testing?

Srijan opens an office in Singapore

Training session on Drupal 8 Theming

Microservice architecture is Not for You

How to write a Microservice Architecture Application using Ruby on Rails and Sinatra

Technical Discovery for Drupal 8 Project

In conversation with MortenDK

Drupal 8 Theming Experience

Hooks, Events, Plugins and Services

In Conversation with Holly Ross

The Open Source Philosophy by Danese Cooper

In conversation with Lauri Eskola

DriesNote: Expanding Future Opportunities for Drupal

PHP-FIG: Making the Drupal Community bigger

Building a sustainable contribution culture

Decoupled Drupal with React

In conversation with Angie Byron aka Webchick

Insights from Dries Note at DrupalCon Asia 2016

Shed your inhibitions and contribute to Drupal

Srijan Rockstars at DrupalCon Asia: Part 2

Srijan Rockstars at DrupalCon Asia: Part 1

Srijan is now an Akeneo Partner for PIM implementation

Node.js in the Enterprise

Recent JavaScript projects at Srijan

Creating More Entrepreneurial Nations - SRIJAN

The big challenge of 2016 in Retail: Managing product information

DrupalCon Asia Sponsorship and Contribution

2015 round up: Our best 365 days, yet

Article by Srijan QA Lead published in Drupal Watchdog

Srijan featured in the Acquia Podcast

Drupal integration with R

Welcome to DrupalCon Asia!

Srijanites' sessions selected for DrupalCon Asia 2016!

Reusability of already created Class instance

DrupalCon Asia 2016: Explore historical architecture, wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful landscapes

Change is good!

Developer Tip: Set Webforms Template Programmatically

DrupalCon Asia 2016: Go Goa

Create custom validation rules for CSV, phone, mobile and month-year in Laravel

Drupal Serving Internet of Things

Behat + Mink + PhantomJS = Test all the things!

Building layouts from 7 to 8: Coding vs Clicking

SimpleTest to SmarTest

Prototypes and Drupal: From designing in-browser to implementing custom templates

Features for Drupal 8

Configuration Deployment Best Practices in Drupal 8

Inclusive design: An introduction to accessibility whys and hows

Drupal and security: What you need to know

Drupal 8: Goodbye to 10 years of theming headaches

Estimation: From Waterfall to Agile

DrupalCon Barcelona 2015 Keynote Insights

Symfony for Drupal developers

Drive through Facet Search API

Developer Tip: Maintain broken relationship in taxonomy migration

Infographic: 7 things a media website owner should ask a Drupal company

How to implement Facet Search on data in Drupal 7

DrupalCon Asia 2016: Explore Monuments, Mountains, Forts and Palaces

Srijan at DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

Developer Tip: Auto complete in Solr using file-based dictionary

How to upgrade Drush to work with Drupal 8

Developer Tip: Unserialize Drupal7 Session Data

Srijan Gets 200+ Commit Mentions in Drupal 8 Core

The lunch hour

Developer Tip: Multiple Google Analytics on Various Pages

DrupalCon Asia 2016: Explore Western India

Developer Tip: Hide Taxonomy Terms from Facets Display through Interface

Drupal Code Sprints: Work, Learn and Fun

Developer Tips: Adding Custom Media Inline Image Styles

7 things a media website owner should ask a Drupal company

Special Taxonomy Tagging: Extending the Core Taxonomy Module

Client wrangling: How to deliver successful Drupal projects

How to contribute back to the Drupal Community

Building Services for existing functionalities

Retrospective on Drupal Contributions

Don't outsource your startup, but outsource its engineering

DrupalCon Asia 2016: Work, Fun and Travel

Code Sprints for the Drupal Delhi Community

Customization for Media Websites

A training solution for the healthcare sector

5 Things Decision Makers Should Know About Drupal

Proprietary CMS vs Drupal

Why choose AngularJS over JQuery for infinite scroll?

DrupalCon Asia 2016: Preparation Begins

Our Drupal Contribution Initiative

Drupal for Media Websites: An Ideal Content Management Platform

Trrybe: A Video Library Distribution from Srijan

Srijan at DrupalCon LA 2015

Drupal8 Theming: Part 2

Ravindra Singh of Srijan to be Sprint Mentor At DrupalCon LA 2015

Manjit develops Insha, a Theme for Drupal 7

A new framework to test JSON APIs

Nitin Mudgal of Srijan wins Bronze at Mr Delhi 2015

Drupal 8 Contributions by Srijan

Drupal 8 Sprint in Goa 2015

Drupal8 Theming: Part 1

At Drupal Camp London 2015

2014 was an exciting year for us. Here's what we did!

We were at Drupalcamp Mumbai 2015

Learning to be a ScrumMaster

Tools to audit Drupal websites

Six Sass tricks that work really well

Why outsourcing to India will prevail

“We Want to Bring DrupalCon to You”

Drupal Security Upgrade 7.32

Becoming Acquia Certified Developer – Front End Specialists

Meet Us at CeBIT India 2014

Mobile first Approach: Tips for Developers and Designers

A/B Test Content Experiments: Keeping users first

“Drupal is one of the great options for nonprofits” - Amy Sample Ward, CEO, NTEN

Drupal is an extensible platform, much more than a CMS

How to find out what your users like?

“Don’t pay people to code. Pay them to use the existing code better.”

Learning to be Agile

Webinar on 'Digital Marketing for Customer Acquisition'

Webinar on '10 Steps to Improved User Experience'

“The greatest thing about Drupal is its community” – Holly Ross

How to sell Drupal

Solving a Mobile Design Challenge at the Designathon 2013

Advantages of using Highcharts API

DrupalCon Portland - The Inscrutable Indians

Dharamkot Waterfall - Team Excursion

Introduction to Responsive Designs

When an Outsider Sits inside Srijan

A new deployment method: Structural Level Migration

New Series: Srijan Wednesday Webinars

Responsive vs. Native. Still confused? You shouldn’t be

My Open Source High: Drupal and Android

How to find your Minimum viable product

Srijan’s First Brush with Node.js

New CSS learning

"My agile story: How we transformed our company"

Product Development with Srijan

The right product needs the right product owner

Closing stories on time

What does it take to build the right product?

The Hackathon Impact: Two patches make it to the D8 core

A booking system for a Travel startup

Meet us at DrupalCon Portland 2013

Sublime Text Editor for Drupal development

Srijan is covered in "The Economist"

Multi Core Apache Solr using Search API

Its not your product!

Falling into a Scrum-bug's trap!

Drupal 8 issue sprint

How magazines can use QR code as a measure of ROI

How Agile is transforming our workplace!

Responsive design for

Drupal demandbase module integrate demandbase services with drupal website

Demandbase module caching issue

Drupal development using Vim

Come for the software, stay for the community.

Cache me if you can!

Drupal Non-Profit Distrbutions - OpenAction, OpenAid and others

Create a new rules event using rules API

Client Server Interaction using drupal_http_request

Hire a Drupal team for the price of one developer

Why upgrade to Drupal 7?

Drupal support and maintenance - Why hiring a single resource is ineffective

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training by LitheSpeed/Xebia

OpenScholar Customizations for a University

Trek to Kareri village

ETools for organization

Apache Solr and clean URLs: Best of both worlds

Learning to live: An enthralling session with Mrs. Anupa Lal

Highcharts API Integration in Drupal

Learning to learn: Delving into the adult learning experience at Srijan

What Agile is! What Agile is not!

Why and how of an Agile Development engagement

Getting Gapminder to work with Drupal

This is what we've been doing at Srijan nowadays!

From Parul Mittal with Love: A book reading session with Srijan-ites

Big Medium CMS to Drupal migrations

Can Computer Science be creative? Yes we can do hacking!

Hello Drupal training held at Dharamshala Government College

Srijan's logo featured in logo design book

Old is gold: An awakening with Shri Rajiv Vora

The art of storytelling with Navin Pangti- A didactic experience

Srijan is now an *Acquia Enterprise partner*!

Drupal trainings in Chandigarh/Mohali

Contact Management using SyncAce, Highrise CRM, and MailChimp

IdeaStorm like platform in Drupal

Beyond Tech: A new intitiative

CXO Event during Drupal Camp Delhi 2011

Making the shift towards an agile development process

First Hello Drupal training organised in Dharamshala

Debug: Drupal comment submit button disappears after validation failure

Missing FB Connect button

Check every piece of code you insert

Drupal 7 Learnings

Improve your database backup policy by using automated scripts

Drupalcamp Delhi -16th April 2011

Feature driven development for "Publications"

Marrying Sharepoint with Drupal - the time is NOW!

TYPO3 to Drupal migration for KNR

Jenkins - the swiss knife for continuous integration

Mega Drop Down menu system for Drupal

Opening for a QA Engineer

Converting Latin1 charset tables with UTF8 data set

Cast Affair - a global model Search Network

Opening for a "Project Manager"; Location: Gurgaon

Varnish-ing 2G Raja Scam

Getting Technorati claim token verified

TYPO3 support and maintenance services

TYPO3 performance tuning and testing

Presentation on CSS for Drupal based websites

Is "Simplenews" the only option for newsletters in Drupal?

Tuning and improving Performance of Drupal - A beginners guide!

Apache Solr: Nuisance with "Mixed Case"

Openings for "Testing Engineers"

How to find the culprit? Debug Drupal like a pro!

Drupal support and maintenance services

TypeKit for a beautiful web design

Migrating to open source - A survival guide for SMEs

Srijan gets listed among WorldBlu's Most Democratic Workplaces 2010

Srijan tech-session (follow-up) March6

Srijan Tech-Session on March 6th 2010

Careers: Opening for System administrator

Web application scalability at Srijan – Part 1

Careers: opening for sales managers

Web Application Scalability

TYPO3 error pages Modification of error handling behavior of TYPO3

TYPO3 Photo Gallery

TYPO3 authentication with A-Select

"Multiple File Upload" using a Java Applet

TYPO3 MS-SQL integration

Opening for “Chief Marketing Officer”

Outsourcing to India

Moving to Open Source

Tech session (07Nov2009) Follow-up Case Study

Authenticating customer outside Magento

Do you practice "Appreciative Leadership"? A case study

CSS designer opening

Open Atrium - A review

PHP Team Lead

Srijan releases

Resources on Apache Solr

First TYPO3 and Apache Solr search implementation goes live

Drupal FeedAPI Imagegrabber

Marketing Director/Head of Marketing

Srijan is now an Acquia Silver Partner

International meltdown result of intense human greed: Deepak Chopra

Here be Dragons

Srijan sponsors Barcamp Kashmir

Delhi Drupal meetup

TYPO3 and Apache Solr

Drupal themes vs TYPO3 templating

Avoiding the speculative trap

Technical Project Manager: Opening at Srijan

TYPO3 Performance Tips

Opening for a Project Co-ordinator

The Secret: Attract good things to your life

XSS sanitization for php

"Get up every morning and really feel like going to work"

Controversy on IPR with the India Environment Portal

India Environment Portal: A case study

Analysis of the site uptime using Website Monitoring Services

8 secrets of success

A leader should know how to manage failure

Rise of Collaborative Networks

Where are all the good PHP developers and team leads?

MBA-IT interns

Organisational democracy: A great introduction

The world's most democratic workplaces

Change in our blog theme

TYPO3 content update and management support services

The ultimate tool for matching 'strings'

A year to live: A powerful way of living your life

What has changed at Srijan?

Project Manager opening: TYPO3 and Drupal applications

Analysis of a screw up

The SCRUM approach with Drupal for rapid product prototyping

Automatically mailing a daily backup

How would life be, if we made "better choices" everytime

The case for Drupal: Why the Open Source CMS is well-suited for a medical academic library

Ritesh gets his Clone

Monitoring remote servers

Anand Dhara - Spiritual reading

Influencing is the best way to 'Lead'

Jacob Singh with Srijan's Drupal team

Bound and Ragged!!

Rails and Python openings at Srijan

O3spaces - wots it all about then?

Social bookmarking for the enterprise

Global food crisis: An appeal

Do we work?

Taking screenshots on Windows

CSE's Knowledge Portal

Srijan gets TYPO3.COM listing

Partnership with crocsystems, Germany

Account Manager/Project Manager opening

Logout@work: says Srijanites

LAMP Technical Manager/Architect opening

Digital Resource Management and Information Outreach : A CSE Case Study

Case study: Agile development at Srijan

Bluetooth GPS devices with Linux

What web framework should you use?

Making active choices

Creating win-win agreements

CSS/XHTML developer

Articles on Management with Head and Heart

Few facts about Drupal that may help you before choosing it for your next website.

Business and Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Why work with Srijan?

Srijan is now in USA

Resource Mint Blog

Resource management system integrated with Basecamp

We are looking for people

Sorcery in Indian language spelling

Looking for PHP experts

Srijan co-sponsors Freedel 2006

Making websites business ready

Python based Desktop Timesheet

Presentation on Open Source Software in Education at Digital Learning 2005

A better way to work

River rafting excursion on the Ganges

Srijan's logo as a Case Study

Open Source: Towards a self-reliant India


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