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Build intelligent bots, interactive products and services, and analytics tools, with AWS deep learning solutions - Amazon Lex, Polly and Rekognition.


AWS has a broad range of AI and Deep Learning solutions to help enterprises build and deploy intelligent products and services. But you also need a skilled team that can evaluate your business requirements, and choose the right AWS deep learning solutions that fit the bill. And that’s where Srijan teams get into the game.

Amazon Lex

With advanced deep learning functionalities like Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding, Amazon Lex is the go-to solution for chatbots, voice bots, and analysis tools. From engaging and improved customer service to streamlined internal operations, businesses have a lot to gain from Lex-powered conversational interfaces.

Srijan teams are adept at leveraging Amazon Lex to deliver a range of services:

  • Chatbots built for one of the largest cleaning solutions enterprises, to help them reduce operational costs and increase productivity
  • Building JIRA Assist, an Alexa skill that helps manage tasks on the project management tool, JIRA, via voice commands
  • Several powerful bot POCs in collaboration with AWS

Amazon Polly

With synthesized, lifelike voice output in a variety of languages, Amazon Polly is a powerful solution for businesses looking to build speech-enabled products. From the voice, to accents, to lexicon, everything is customizable in Polly, allowing you to create multilingual solutions

Srijan teams are experienced at working with Amazon Polly. We’re also trying out an interesting use case with Polly, using it to record web application demos with a professional voiceover, and record in different languages using AWS Translate.

Amazon Rekognition

Fuelled by powerful deep learning capabilities, Amazon Rekognition makes it easy to scan and analyze images and videos. Text, objects, faces and scenes can all be identified by running images and videos through the Rekognition API. This gives enterprises the ability to create new interaction formats, as well as build solutions that improve security, monitoring, compliance and more.

Srijan is currently leveraging Rekognition for a few key solutions:

  • Image scanning and analysis to verify documents, and their suitability, for the KYC process of a BFSI client
  • An internal tool which uses Rekognition as core service to extract textual content from uploaded images.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Srijan can help you evaluate and implement these, and other, AWS deep learning services, based on the needs of your enterprise project. Get in touch with our expert team to explore how you can get the best of AWS.

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