The beauty retail landscape is rapidly evolving, with brands competing to deliver enhanced consumer experiences and engage across multiple channels. Most brands today have a virtual try-on application for their range of products. What’s next?

Level up with personalized buyer journeys created by integrating your virtual try-on with AI capabilities. Capture and leverage data around customers’ physical attributes, preferences, and buying patterns, to add new dimensions to your customer experience. Keep up with evolving consumer expectations with high-precision experiences to boost customers confidence and drive purchase decisions.

Build Data-Backed Experiences with Us

Customer Data Profiles Customer Data Profiles

360° Customer Data Profiles

Create comprehensive customer profiles to serve them better. Bring together data generated across channels, and leverage it to deliver omnichannel insights, run personalized campaigns, and deliver on customer satisfaction

Personalized Buyer Experiences Personalized Buyer Experiences

Personalized Buyer Experiences

Increase purchases and consolidate brand loyalty with personalized insights for customers. Intelligent product recommendations, consultations, and DIYs based on their individual requirements - give them exactly what they need.

AI/ML Enriched Experiences AI/ML Enriched Experiences

AI/ML Enriched Experiences

Enhance your customer experience with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Understand behaviour, preferences, emotions, and needs to deliver intelligent and intuitive digital experiences that drive purchase decisions.

Cross-Platform Integration Cross-Platform Integration

Cross-Platform Integration

Deploy AI/ML-powered solutions seamlessly across multiple customer interaction channels. Enhance buyer experiences on a website, mobile, or even in-store kiosks, and attract and engage both existing and new customers.

Brand Centric Data Solutions Brand Centric Data Solutions

Brand Centric Data Solutions

Get tailor-made solutions for your unique business requirements. We help you create bespoke, intelligent shopping experiences leveraging the best-in-class AI/ML capabilities that drive applications designed to boost your revenue.

Social Sharing and Engagement Social Sharing and Engagement

Social Sharing and Engagement

Unlock the power of User-Generated Content by enabling your customers to share what they trial and shop on your applications. Integrate social sharing features to boost engagement and create effective marketing campaigns.

Spearheading Digital Innovation

We are dedicated to building transformative digital paths, empowering enterprises to stay ahead of the curve and deliver on customer expectations. 

We specialize in curating personalized experiences for our clients' customers and amplify their brand impact, rather than simply adopting the trends and capabilities as is. We bring in AI-enriched data solutions, best-in-class frontend technologies, and scalable backend platforms like Drupal, to create powerful digital solutions for your business context.

Our efforts are directed towards adding value to the client’s digital infrastructure - it can be in the form of a visually immersive experience to stimulate purchase behaviour, or particularly personalized insights to build brand loyalty. 


From changing customer expectations, to understanding why and how to leverage data, to deploying AI/ML based solutions for enterprises, our team shares their experience and insights.

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