With continuous determination towards helping enterprises deliver personalized digital solutions and experiences to their customers, Srijan Technologies has taken one more step closer to achieve its purpose. It has now become Acquia Cohesion Partner.

Cohesion is a low-code Drupal add-on, available for Acquia’s customers. Combining Srijan’s expertise and Cohesion’s capabilities, enterprises will be able to lighten the burden of developers, non-developers, designers, editors, and others across various departments. 

This way, the quick implementation of certain worthwhile functionalities on the site will bring down the time-to-market considerably and keep it up and running smoothly for faster service offerings to customers.

Regardless of little or no experience, non-developers will be able to build and manage sites easily. The low-code interface will ensure that one can code without needing to write it. 

Developers also will get opportunities to focus on more complex tasks and integration activities to foster innovation through breakthrough technologies.

Additionally, enterprises can empower the marketing team and content editors to go to the content page and directly edit or update content hassle-free. 

Designers, on the other hand, can be assured that the organization’s branding and design aspects will remain intact even if multiple reusable sites are created across the world. 

Srijan has been successful in acquiring Acquia’s partnership based on its faster development and delivery of innovative & creative solutions that are not only economic but easy-to-use as well for small, medium, and large enterprises alike. 

Together with Acquia, it ensures speedy site-building that will also be more inclusive, collaborative, and agile.

Another distinctive achievement that will help Srijan boost the site development speed by up to 4x times and ultimately help clients offer services instantly to customers without dedicating their enormous amount of time to the nitty-gritty of site-building.

About Srijan

Srijan Technologies, a prominent digital and engineering solution provider, offers an agile and customer-centric approach to help enterprises engage users, boost conversions, and increase ROI. Acquia’s partner-first approach empowers Srijan to evolve and leverage its capabilities to create and deliver intelligent solutions that are cost-friendly and easy-to-use.  

The company is one of the eminent service providers in India along with the footprints in the USA, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, and the USA.

Shared Success

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Group 4398-1
Accelerate the Performance of API Management Platform by Productizing APIs
Group 4399-2
Building a Consent Management Platform for Compliance and Protection of PII Data

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