DrupalCon Europe 2021 is just around the corner and we are more excited than ever to sponsor, attend, and present at this virtual conference.

Continuing the legacy of bringing the expansive community of Drupalers together, the event is packed with a number of great sessions. It is the perfect platform to gain insights about Drupal-led technologies and innovations from the expertise of global thought leaders. The event is also a great way for enterprises to network with each other and find common ground, which can help them to improve customer experience.

Participants are given the opportunity to engage in 90 sessions, 1 keynote address, and 2 workshops; Quite an exhaustive itinerary.

Meet #TeamSrijan

  • Exploring Top Media & Publishing Drupal Distributions

    Kamalpreet Kaur

    Monday, 4 Oct 2021 - 14:30 to 14:50 UTC

    In this session, the speaker covers the key features required by media applications and how they are built on Drupal distributions like Ezcontent, Thunder, Varbase, and so on, followed by a live demo of the features.

  • How Popular is Drupal, D8 onward ...

    Atul Sharma

    Thursday, 7 Oct 2021 - 09:30 to 09:50 UTC

    In this session, the speaker talks about how Drupal 8 has fared, since its launch and what the upcoming versions of Drupal have in store for the Drupal community.

About DrupalCon Europe 

DrupalCon Europe is a premier open source, community-driven event that gathers more than 1,500 of the top digital minds using Drupal, for collaboration, knowledge sharing, friendship, and moving the project forward. It is the second world’s largest annual gathering of Drupal experts and enthusiasts.

Hosted between 4-7 October, DrupalCon Europe will be a virtual event witnessing some great thought leadership addresses around Drupal, Site Building, User Experience, Design and Development, and much more.

To better accommodate the global community needs, the start and end times of the scheduled programming each day have been expanded, offering specific moments of live networking and togetherness for regional communities throughout the event. Although virtual, this won't be a 24/7 event, but because much of the content will be available to ticket-holders, one has the freedom to participate at the time they choose.

About Srijan 

Srijan is a global engineering firm that builds transformative digital paths to better futures for Fortune 500 enterprises to nonprofits all over the world. We have championed open-source technologies over the last two decades, bringing advanced engineering capabilities and agile practices to some of the biggest names across FMCG, Aviation, Telecom, Technology, and others.

We lead in Drupal with 350+ Drupal engineers and 80+ Acquia certified Drupal developers and are amongst the 4th globally. Leaders in cloud technology, we are Preferred Partners with Acquia, Advanced Consulting Partners with AWS, and Apigee we offer the best technology stack in the market.

Shared Success

Group 4400-1
Building a Finetech Sandbox Open Banking Ecosystem with APIGEE API Management
Group 4398-1
Accelerate the Performance of API Management Platform by Productizing APIs
Group 4399-2
Building a Consent Management Platform for Compliance and Protection of PII Data

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